Monday, June 25, 2012

Changes to this blog

For better understanding of Islamic Supremacism by Hindus I decided to make some changes, and also by adding 3 more pages. I decided to dedicate one page to history of Islamic rule in India. And another page to major incidents in the life of Prophet Mohammad, most of these incidents were covered in the blog, but nevertheless I felt this will make it much easier to understand Prophet Mohammad.

However, the most important one is management of labels. I always wanted to this but, some how I could never complete it. This time, I promise I will complete in 2 days. I also decided to bring changes to the page 'List of Posts' by keeping those which explain Islamic theology.

If people have some suggestions, they can write them in comments.


ALI ALI said...

I had one suggestion. Close this and stop spreading hate.

ramana said...

dude, read this.

kid said...

To Ramana,

Thank you, Sir.

Anonymous said...

Well said! I second that!

Anonymous said...

we are not Hindu,Muslim,Christian,Jews,Buddist but human