Thursday, June 28, 2012

Indian IT firms under threat from Islamic terrorism of Al-Qaeda

How could this be? Didn't Diggy say that it is Hindus who are behind terrorist acts in India? Didn't Indian media print and telecast those sermons without questions?

Very few realize that these are not random statements but made for certain reasons. We come to this part later.

Of course, masses are still told that Muslim terrorists comprise of tiny minority of the whole Muslim community which is largely moderate and peaceful (!!). Masses are so gullible that they continue to believe in this kind for their own reasons even after seeing outpouring of massive sympathy towards Osama Bin Laden, when he was killed last year, from Islamic world (including Muslims in India).

Read these: Bin Laden's death, reactions to news of his death from Egypt, Pakistan and India. Or our secular politicians. And true colors of Kashmiri freedom fighters

Al-Qaeda and (dead) Osama Bin Laden.

If Bin Laden was not a Muslim terrorist then what should this latest news be called?

Report:   IT firms in Andhra Pradesh under Qaeda threat 

If one reads from the above news report, they will immediately see that it implies Indian Muslims are not involved in this and it is outside elements like ISI.

Lets recall what Indians are told with respect to 26/11 Mumbai shootings: Indian Muslims are not involved in it and the whole act, from planning to execution, was carried out from Pakistan. Politicians said this and media carried this. Only gullible Hindus can believe that it was possible for outside elements elements to carry out such massive operation with out internal help. Even this started flying in their face as the news of involvement of one Indian Muslim in 26/11 started coming out recently (here, here).

Is it really possible for outside elements to carry out such acts without help from inside?

This kind of reporting by our media is neither surprising nor against their versions of secularism and multiculturalism. We see media concealing acts of Islamic jihad in India on regular basis. Their sole purpose is to denounce Hindus who refuse to live by Dhimmitude and fight against Islamic Supremacism.


I found that, if some Hindus working in IT industry turn out to be hard core supporters of BJP and RSS, then there is other group, much larger, which is literally indifferent to everything that is wrong in India now. Saying things like they respect all religions, the whole community should not be blamed for acts of few people, Hindus and Muslims lived in harmony before the arrival of British and other things, they feel they are standing on some kind of moral high ground. And theirs is the voice of reason and decency, few of this large group  feel. And they regard works of people exposing true Islamic teachings as hate mongering and fear mongering. 

I firmly feel that as these people settled in to nice paying jobs, they just fear and hate anything that could turn their apple cart, their state of comfort and luxury, upside down, few of such are communal riots and terrorism. In their opinion, if Hindus do not do anything then Muslims will also not indulge in terrorism; an outcome of discourse of present day Bollywood movies. As the stability is required for economic progress, their concerns are valid points. But opinions are not based on rationalism. They are no different from assumptions based on nothing. 

But time is dynamic. None can tell what will tomorrow look like. As Islam marches, their very thinking encourages more Islamic extremism in the form of more dangerous demands like reservations, Sharia finance and separate educational institutions. Their opinions based on ignorance are a step towards appeasing Islam, a beast which can never be appeased unless all Non-Muslims are subjugated. 


All these shameless utterances, the ones I mentioned in the very beginning, were uttered for single reason: To confuse the ordinary Hindu citizens and to keep them in perpetual ignorance about elements of Islamic supremacism. Taking lessons from Western left, Indian left decided, for strengthening 'so called' Indian secularism, that it is necessary to draw Hindus away from any association to religious, cultural and civilizational aspects of Hinduism. So, it is a necessity to present Hinduism as obscurantism to progress and harmony and instill a kind of guilt complex in to Hindus thereby. RSS and BJP are just tools to be used in this propaganda.

This viciousness from left does not stop here. It also includes all out efforts towards appeasement of minorities by playing identity and insecurity politics, and then re-selling it to gullible Hindu masses as part of social justice.

Then, there is so called Indian elite which is primarily left's passive consumer. In India, we are yet to identify and propagate aspects of Hindu civilization which are compatible with modern and progressive ideas, and as basis for building Indian civilization. Instead, just about 40 individuals decided what should one Billion Hindus think of their  civilization and culture as: composite culture, which is synonymous with telling Hindus to take pride in being slaves. Nothing can be more inhumane, insulting and more treacherous towards Hindus.

In simple words, it is all part of a political project of promoting their ( leftist ) version of secularism.


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