Monday, May 9, 2011

An example of Indian tolerance: Delhi court validates divorce communicated by hired agents under Shia Islamic Law

Absolute dhimmitude is taken as exemplary Indian secularism by Hindus in this country. So, the aim is to extend  implementation of sharia law to the fullest from partial implementation , in place now i.e. regarding personnel law. The best way to start this process is also giving complete freedom to Muslims in their personnel laws so that they procreate and multiply, demographic jihad, to a point where sharia law becomes inevitable. Typical consequence of Nehru's secularism and success of Nehru's vision to create an Islamic republic.

Here, the Delhi court has no other alternative because nullifying that divorce or any other judgement will only invite cries of Islamists that Muslims are being oppressed by state interference in their religious affairs and also accompanied by threats of violence from likes of Bukhari. But the worry is not this; it is how secular Hindu leaders from Congress (I) and likes of Mulayam Singh will react to such legal pronouncements. No prizes for guessing how those reactions will be.

After the email, the SMS and the telephone it’s the turn of the hired courier to say ‘talaq’ and get the job done for the husband! Yep, this has been accepted as a legal right.
A Delhi court has validated divorce given by a Shia Muslim,Sabir Hussain, to his wife Mumtaz through another man appointed by him as his agent to pronounce the word ‘talaq’ in Arabic as he could not speak that language. Additional District Judge Reetesh Singh said Hussain has duly proved that he had obtained divorce from Mumtaz as prescribed under Shia Muslim Law.
It is held under Shia Muslim law that if a husband isn’t conversant with Arabic he can engage/hire an agent to pronounce ‘talaq’ on his behalf in the presence of two witnesses. Mumtaz had contended that to secure divorce under Shia Muslim Law ‘talaq’ should be pronounced only in Arabic, and that by the husband himself. Hussain was married to Mumtaz in 1992. They have two sons and a daughter.
While ‘talaq’ by agent is new, former deputy chief minister of Haryana Chander Mohan, the son of Bhajan Lal,who converted to Islam and called himself Chand Mohammed, is also in the thick of a legal battle overgiving divorce by SMS to his converted wife, a former deputy advocate general of the state. He used the digital means to say `talaq’ to second wife Fiza. Muslim scholars have termed it “unacceptable” and say there is no concept of instant divorce in Islam.

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