Saturday, May 28, 2011

In Oslo, Muslim men account for majority of rape crimes

"A Pakistani Muslim man in Oslo, convicted of rape crime, said that he had the right to do exactly as he wanted to a woman. Why? Because that is how it was in his religion. Women did not have rights or opinions. He was in charge." (watch the video below)

We have seen how Muslim men account for more than 82% of rapes in Sweden (here). We have seen how Muslim men in UK were engaged in sexual Jihad (here).

For all this epidemic of rape, we have seen Muslim imams declaring that it is not the fault of Muslim men for rape but it is the fault of infidel women not wearing veil (here).

This war upon infidel women by Muslim men unlikely to cease because of political correctness creeping in to every institution in all non-Muslim majority nations, which simply forbids identifying criminals as they are. In UK, all these criminals involved in rape assaults were mentioned as of Asian origin while other European nations use the word 'of non-Western origin'.

EVERY SINGLE RAPE and sexual assault in the last year in Oslo, Norway was committed by Muslims

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