Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Hindu 'Dalit' man abducted and raped in Pakistan

Islam is evil. It hides its evil and ugly political ideology behind the cloak of religion though it is not impervious to see its evil nature. In India, so called Muslim intellectuals and Islamic apologists in order to conceal the real nature of Islam, its ugly past reeking of imperialism and its future ambitions cleverly use the notion of caste differences in Hindu society in; in addition to these, caste system is also used to shut down discussion on Islam as many gullible Hindus do not have patience to read through Islamic teachings and its history.

Yes, there is caste system in Hindu society. But the rationalism should dictate that how this existence of caste system makes Islam less insane than it is or justifies what Islam stands for esp. in regarding treatment meted out to non-Muslims and women.

Or How this justifies Islam dividing the entire humanity in to Muslims and Kafirs and world in to Dar ul-Islam (HOuse of Islam) and Dar ul-Harb (House of war or House of non-Muslims)?

How does this justify Jihad whose aim is to convert Dar ul-Harb in to Dar ul-Islam?

To those Hindus talking about caste differences in Hinduism, I will only say this: Islam only sees whether you are a Muslim or a non-Muslim; it does not care about which caste one belongs to. It even does not care whether you believe in God or not; if one is not a Muslim, then he must be an enemy of Islam and they all are treated the same way i.e. they all have to pay Jizya and abide by contract of Dhimma which is inhuman and discriminatory.

Young Hindu was abducted from police station by a religious mob and his whereabouts are unknown. Police refuse to investigate

The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) has received information that a young Hindu scheduled cast man was abducted by a mob of hundreds of persons from a police station. The police stopped further investigation because of the involvement of a powerful religious group. Since his abduction on May 12, his whereabouts are unknown. This is the second time he was abducted. He was previously abducted by a group of local religious leaders including the leader of the mosque and kept in their custody, allegedly for nine months. The victim alleged that he was raped during his captivity and forced him to convert his religion by signing plain papers.

The high police officers of the district Mirpurkhas, Sindh have told the family members, leaders of the Hindu community and the lawyers that they could not do against the mob as there were chances of riots. Since then police have stopped the investigation into the case.

Instead of arresting the perpetrators police have arrested victim’s father and his two maternal uncles on the charges of abduction on the application of the Mosque leader. The mother and other family members are in hiding.

Please send the urgent appeal to the authorities to recover the young man and arrest the perpetrators for forcibly converting a religious minority person through sexual abuse......

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