Monday, May 30, 2011

U.S. itself is laying the ground for reign of Islam in world: Iranian commander

So, yet another statement of Islamic supremacism (fascism), at least honest about Islamic goal - i.e. the whole world under Sharia law - along with admission that Islam and Islamic culture are parasites.

How should this be viewed as it is just coming after fews days after similar statements from an Iranian minster? Of course, media will continue to neglect such statements coming from Muslims but pouncing on opposition to Islamic fascism.

Any way, US may be doing technological side but it is not possible with out infidel politicians like politicians in India are so busy (and competitive) laying the ground for an Indian Islamic republic.
TEHRAN - Basij Commander Mohammad-Reza Naqdi has said that the United States is setting the stage for the future dominance of Islam over the world by its own hands.
“The United States, through expanding communications, is developing the infrastructures for the universal reign of Islam. Expansion of communications in the world has provided a historic opportunity for the faster and wider propagation of the Islamic Revolution and the thoughts of the Late Imam (Khomeini, the Founder of the Islamic Republic) throughout the world and (the opportunity) must be used appropriately,” Naqdi stated in Tehran on Sunday.
Elsewhere in his remarks, the Basij commander made a mockery of U.S. President Barack Obama’s recent call for Israel to halt its settlement activity in the West Bank and said, “Our recommendation to the Zionists is that they push ahead with their settlement activity in the occupied territories, regardless of the U.S. president’s remarks so that the Palestinians, who will return to their homeland soon, would not face housing problems.”
Naqdi also said, “Today the world’s nations have chosen the Islamic Republic as their leader, and as the first step, Muslims in the region will soon bring the borders of the Middle East back to the lines set before 1919.”
He was referring to the Paris Peace Conference of 1919, organized by the victors of World War I to negotiate the peace treaties between the Allied and Associated Powers and the defeated Central Powers, which led to the conclusion of a number of peace treaties that reshaped the map of Europe and the world.
In addition, Naqdi announced that a new branch of the Basij organization, made up of members from the engineering graduates in the field of information and communication technology, will be established in the near future. 

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