Thursday, May 19, 2011

Useful 'idiot' Swami Agnivesh

There are many people who regard Swami(?) Agnivesh as a fraudster. Here, in this report, he becomes a useful idiot for Islamic supremacists. It looks like he spoke to media persons on the sidelines of peace conference (!) on J & K and on various aspects like Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA), reasons for insurgency and pilgrimage to Amarnath.

Another dimension is how various media outlets reported this; many reported his enlightened opinions on all issues except on Amarnath pilgrimage (here, here, here, here); I found that only outlook reported the swami's 'sermon' in totality. Selective reporting is not new to media. (one can read the report here)

Advocating immediate revocation of the Armed Forces Special Powers Act, social activist Swami Agnivesh today demanded an inquiry by a Supreme Court judge into the killing of civilians during last year's summer unrest in Kashmir Valley.
"Firstly, there is need to withdraw AFSPA from Jammu and Kashmir immediately," he told reporters on the sidelines of a "Peace Conference", organized by the J&K Peace Foundation, here.
"There is also need for a probe by a sitting Supreme Court judge into the killing of civilians during violence in the Valley last summer," Agnivesh said.
His portrayal of Army or security personnel, implication is clear, speaks of his ignorance about political and bureaucratic dealings who create mess in the first place then ask Army to sort out the matter; so, it is these two classes that should be prosecuted and first to be done should be clans of first dynasty.

Seeing people dead is bad and unfortunate; but 112 people over a month and with people throwing stones at security personnel, we can only say that protests were handled badly and with out any intentionality; all this is because of poor equipment (gear) given to security personnel by their New Delhi bosses. 
The social activist demanded release of all the youths detained without trial in the past one year in the Valley. "Instead those who have committed the crime should be thrown into jails," he said.
All our politicians should be locked up. Way back I suggested that  instead of Army doing such jobs all the time, politicians also should be asked to do fighting against terrorists, separatists once in a while; this will make them do their job honestly and in better way or else they will equip Army with better gear.
On the Kashmir problem, Agnivesh quipped "it is a political and not a religious issue".
That is why separatists call it Jihad. They blow up churches. Hindus and Sikhs were expelled or forced to leave. If any one found reading Bible will be shot dead. Schools with Christian names, even if owned by Muslims, will be burned. No one should try to proselytize in Valley. If any one speaking against Islam, they will be killed too. Muslim extremists can demand Jizya from non-Muslims. All these things have nothing to do with Islam.
On the annual pilgrimage to the revered cave shrine of Amarnath, Agnivesh said, "I do not understand those who go for the Yatra. It is a religious deception." "I do not believe in this type of religion. Religion is when you seek justice for the poor, for the oppressed," he said.
By this, he endorsed Jizya Govt. of J and K levied on Hindu pilgrims and is like all those dhimmi politicians in New Delhi who never protested against this Jizya.

One question is, what kind of views he has on Muslims making hajj pilgrimage with central got. doling out Rs 1000 crores? Is it enlightenment or deception?

If he could have said this kind on hajj, he would be seeking some special protection cover because by this time many fatwas might have been issued on his head.

So, it is OK and safe to insult or question Hindu faith or rituals, more so when it brings rich rewards and dividends from media and liberals and from present Govt..

But, why did media report his remarks? Is he some kind of person with huge influence? Or because of some enlightenment in his observations?

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Rahul said...

I do not understand how this crook Agnivesh is a Swami ?He is really a crook by looks as well as his actions.He precisely knows the figure too as 80 lakhs as if he had been the treasurer.This is only a ploy by interested political parties/people to defeat Anna Hazare's crusade against corruption.No sensible person will believe such rubbish.