Wednesday, May 4, 2011

'secular' Karunanidhi: Osama Bin Laden's terrorism is not Islamic terrorism

This is the typical result of combination of vote bank politics, political correctness and complete ignorance about Islam, its beliefs and its doctrines. As long as people remain clueless about Islam and its teachings, monsters like Osama Bin Laden keep emerging.

To be more precise, this kind of act is a publicity stunt to get attention of Muslims who believe that Osama Bin Laden is not a terrorist, in the first place, and also to stamp his secular and liberal credentials.

Elegantly, a critic says:
"Islamists [or Islamic terrorists] — whether Bin Laden, Khomeini, Banna, Qutb, or Yassin— are not the cause of hostilities; they are symptoms of a much greater cause: what they call "The struggle between Truth [Islam] and Falsehood [non-Islam][that] transcends time." Individually killing them off — which is nice — only temporarily treats the symptom; it does not eliminate the cause [i.e. Islam and its core beliefs] that motivates them."
M Karunanidhi decries labeling Osama bin Laden's extremism as Islamic terror
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Tamil Nadu chief minister M Karunanidhi today said slain al-Qaeda chief Osama Bin Laden "took to extremism' as a means to establish the theory he was indoctrinated with and the path chosen by him cannot be labelled as 'Islamic terrorism.'
"His teacher had taught him that history is written with nothing other than blood; that fame is built on skulls and only dead bodies and skeletons formed the base of honour and pride. He accepted this in toto and took to extremism as a tool to establish it during his lifetime," the DMK patriarch said.
Writing in party mouthpiece Murasoli, he said many had attempted to brand this (path of extremism) as 'Islamic terrorism.'
"This is not acceptable. Islam is synonymous with peace. (Prophet) Muhammed had laid down that Islam is a path of peace and tolerance and that every Muslim should be in peace with God and human," he said.
Islam does not mean peace; Islam means submission; submission to Allah's will as it exists in Koran. There is a perfect word for peace in Arabic and that is 'salam'. Islam meaning 'submission' can be verified from Koran itself:
YUSUFALI (003.019): The Religion before Allah is Islam (submission to His Will)..........
Peace in Islam comes only when every one on this earth either follows Islam (Muslims) or subject themselves to Islamic rule by paying jizya (non-Muslims) and live like subhumans. Koran explicitly states what kind of relations should exist between Muslims and non Muslims, like in the following verse:
Al-Hilali (9:29): Fight against those who (1) believe not in Allâh, (2) nor in the Last Day, (3) nor forbid that which has been forbidden by Allâh and His Messenger (4) and those who acknowledge not the religion of truth (i.e. Islâm) among the people of the Scripture (Jews and Christians), until they pay the Jizyah with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued.
Regarding Prophet Mohammad teaching tolerance, nothing can be further from truth than this kind of stupidity as following shows what he said:
Allah's Apostle said: "I have been ordered (by Allah) to fight against the people until they testify that none has the right to be worshipped but Allah and that Muhammad is Allah's Apostle, and offer the prayers perfectly and give the obligatory charity, so if they perform that, then they save their lives and property from me except for Islamic laws and then their reckoning (accounts) will be done by Allah." (Sahih Bukhari; vol 1, book 2, # 25)
Arguing that any form of terrorism - right-wing, left-wing or ultra-nationalist - should be 'nipped in the bud,' he said history ''shows extremists are there in every religion.''
"There is no second opinion that they should be punished. However just the anger may be, but justifiying extremism is not fair. Bin Laden's end proves the saying that one who takes to violence will die by violent means. (DMK founder) the late CN Annadurai had also said that one should not take to violence," he said.

Islamists do not see this as simple violence; they see this as holy war (Jihad) and it is the dearest institution to Islamic god Allah. They do indulge in this holy war - a pious act, according to them - to get nearer to their god. They see it as struggle between good (Islam) and evil (non-Muslims). (more on this can be read from here)
Ayman al-Zawahiri, now al-Qaeda's presumed leader, once summarized this phenomenon well. Asked in an interview about the status of bin Laden and the Taliban's Mullah Omar, he confidently replied:
Jihad in the path of Allah is greater than any individual or organization. It is a struggle between Truth and Falsehood, until Allah Almighty inherits the earth and those who live in it. Mullah Muhammad Omar and Sheikh Osama bin Laden — may Allah protect them from all evil — are merely two soldiers of Islam in the journey of jihad, while the struggle between Truth [Islam] and Falsehood [non-Islam] transcends time (The Al Qaeda Reader, p.182).


Anonymous said...

Do you think India has any chance of survival from Islam with these politicians?

k-i-d said...

No one's future is certain but there have been instances of one replacing other violently e.g. once Afghanistan was thriving with Buddhism.
And last assault came on it in the form of destruction of Bamiyan statues and 100% population is Muslim.
Similarly, Turkey.