Wednesday, May 18, 2011

'Is Islamic India only future?'

The name of this post is title of a post that appeared in which must have been written by some non-Indian. What ever it be, does the name of the post look like giving apocalyptical scenario to Indian (Hindu) civilization?

Some people, mostly Hindus, instinctively dismiss this and label the author as an Islamophobic or as a loony with out even reading or attempting to understand and question various finer points raised by author; and as always they love to continue to indulge in wishful thinking in concepts of all religions are same, multiculturalism, peaceful co-existence, which itself results from romantic idea of Islamic history in India they are fed with.

But these people are ignorants - if not fools - who have no clue about teachings of Islam and functioning and dynamics of Islamic culture or society.

Coming to that post, I myself do not agree with some of his views i.e. bringing USA in to the picture; otherwise it is thought provoking, more accurately, it is a genuine warning to all Hindus if they do not want to be swept under carpet like Hindus in Pakistan were exterminated, and like extermination of Hindus in Bangladesh under progress (25% of population is down to less than 8% and continue to fall).

These figures or other facts of struggles of other religious minorities in other Islamic countries do not matter to these humanists, liberals or seculars and never appear in their views, yet they indulge in defending Islam in the name of humanity.

These figures also do not matter in the views of many people who rather like to say, 'Islam is fine because I know so and so Muslim or a Muslim guy who is good guy.' or 'I know a Pakistani who is just like us.' To be more insane, giving a reason like Shahrukh Khan said , "Islam prohibits killing of innocent people." But, who is innocent, dear?

Frightening, isn't it? Neither Islamic teachings nor genocides nor exterminations nor suffering of religious minorities in Islamic nations nor excessive demands of Muslim minorities living in infidel majority countries do never matter but one person or one guy makes my view.

Now, is Islamic India a possibility? I can say that it is not impossible considering what happened in Assam or what is happening in West Bengal.

Previously, there is one Muslim majority district, Murshidabad. In 2001, Maldah too became one; analysis says there must be two more Muslim majority districts like Uttar Dinajpur and Birbhum  [include the possibility of  24 parganas (south) too] according to 2011 census and many more districts bordering Bangladesh about to become Muslim majority in the near future. [Note: look at the pictures at the bottom of the post.]

With regard to Assam, its fate was sealed and evidence for this is results of recent assembly elections. Ugly face of Islam has brought out its tail of the hat and it is only a matter of time before it presents itself in full force.

Below is the post (link to that post here):

Jihad has come to India and, yet, the Obama administration along with State Department will tell you that it is nothing more than “isolated acts by individuals”. The government New Delhi is willing to go on record to suggest that will say you are “stirring up anti-Muslim sentiment.” The mainstream media will question as to how you can say that when we are hearing nothing about it from them. But it is real, and it is happening now. How do I know?! Well, that’s because I have seen it all through my very own eyes. The Obama administration’s studied denial will find us caught as flat-footed in India as we were in Lebanon, Egypt, Libya, and elsewhere. The only difference being: India is an economic and military giant, with nuclear weapons, and could be a cornerstone of any effective fight against radical Islam.

For several years now I have been fiercely vocal about the progressive radicalization of Bangladesh along with its nationals. Although it is the only country that ranks among the ten most populous and the ten most densely populated, as well as being the second largest Muslim-majority nation, events there do not capture people’s imagination. When you talk about India in the same context, however, people take notice. The thought of an Islamist dominated India scares the heck out of them and should. While our own strategic thinkers concentrate on internecine struggles in the Middle East, their obliviousness to the significance of an [Islamist India] has enabled our enemies to further their agenda.

I have spent many years journey along India’s 2545 mile-long border with Bangladesh, besides witnessing the impact Bangladesh’s radicalization has had on its giant neighbor to the west. Amitabh Tripathi, who has been fighting against what he calls his country’s “soft policies,” noted that Bangladesh’s Muslims “are not radicalized but their institutions are.” That radicalization and a level of corruption on both sides of the border that makes my fellow Chicagoans look like amateurs has already produced demographic change in many strategic areas of India. [With such ignorant people at the lead fighting for their existence, it may not be successful.]

It also has given Muslim activists carte blanche throughout the entire country. The process is deliberate, has been going on for decades, and should send us a terrible warning signal, not only because of what it bodes for India, but also because of what sort of future the Obama administration’s soft policies and tolerance for an open border to our south mean for the United States.

Each year in districts like Uttar Dinajpur and North and South 24 Parganas directly across from the Islamic state, my colleagues and I find that more and more villages which once had mixed Hindu-Muslim populations are now all Muslim or Muslim-dominated. Gone are the roadside temples characteristic of places where Hindus practice their faith openly; gone are the sights of Hindu women dressed in their colorful saris and other vestments. They have been replaced by mosques and burqas.

Each state, my colleagues and I find that more and more villages which once had mixed Hindu-Muslim populations are now all Muslim or Muslim-dominated. Gone are the roadside temples characteristic of places where Hindus practice their faith openly; gone are the sights of Hindu women dressed in their colorful saris and other vestments. They have been replaced by mosques and burqas. Last year, Tripathi and I met with Bimal Praminik, Director of the Kolkata-based Centre for Research in Indo-Bangladesh Relations and arguably the foremost authority on these population changes. He is convinced that this population shift is a deliberate and an integral element the jihad that threatens all of us: “Bangladeshi infiltration with Pakistani ideas… trying to ‘Pakistanize’ the entire region,” he said adding that that the dominant culture for South Asian Muslims has become more “Arabic,” than South Asian. [Such is the understanding of these fellows: I feel like shouting, "it is Islam, idiots."]

In 1947 when the British left, they partitioned the Indian subcontinent into Hindu and Muslim states. West Bengal went to “Hindu” India, and East Bengal (now Bangladesh) became part of Muslim Pakistan. While Hindu and Muslim majorities respectively, remains, exhaustive studies by Pramanik and others hold out little hope that things will continue that way..............

There is more and one can read from here .

For further reading: New Trinamool Congress Government in West Bengal May Encourage Muslim Violence


McGonagall said...

Islam's spread is a global phenomena and, so far, has been unchallenged. Europe can't or won't resist - North America the same. I would have thought India would be safe but apparently not. It is truly sad that most folks are blind to what is happening around them. To point it out is considered impolite at best and criminal at worst. People are being prosecuted in Europe for pointing out the obvious and the truth is not allowed as a defense.

Is it too late? Has Islam won?

k-i-d said...

@ McGonagall,

I have read all about all those people fined for speaking on Islam and also about on going trial of 'real hero' Geert Wilders.

It is tragedy manufactured by European left. It is much more safe for Islamists calling for Jihad than infidels resisting and speaking against it.

Any way, it is not too late for much of Europe but I can not say this for France and England.

But US is safe from Islam, thanks to first amendment and southern church too. I am not a favorite of Church, but that kind of attitude will come as handy in resiting Islam.

it looks like democracy destroying democracy, liberalism destroying liberalism, secularism decimating secularism. Really, funny.

India should be the front runner in resisting Islam because of its history; but that bloodshed, pillage, iconoclasm and rape were presented as poetic stuff and people have no clue at all.

India's chances are much less because, one of reasons is less penetration of internet; in Europe it is much higher. So, probability of average person depending upon media for actual news is low in Europe.