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Hindu Muslim inter-religious marriages (9): A Hindu guy killed for marrying a Muslim girl

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for reporting this- media, social activists are completely silence on this

Anonymous said...

In India we have one Hindu atleast who can write without bigotry, with courage and show the ugly side of Islam.

Your take on this news is brilliant.

I really love the no-nonsensical approach you adopt. By the way, I too did some research on this and came across the following links which really tell a lot about hypocritical attitude of Muslims in India.

Visitors: It is comments one should read from the above links.

To the blogger: I sent an e-mail containing some youtube videos. Can you please display them.

Post script: I can not understand why there so many less visitors this site. Why don't you promote it?

kid said...

Actually there are many. Both men and women. But, if people are not seeing the results it only tells about the state of affairs of Hindus.

Here I am talking about those other than supporters of RSS and BJP.

Sure, I will check the mail.

Anonymous said...

All the facts published above are false and are done to brig wrong name to Muslims

Anonymous said...

In Islam even it is prohibited for a Muslim men to marry non muslim women.. What the blogger has said above is wrong. Also if someone kills a hindu boy, it doesn't mean the islam community is bad. Have sense ?

kid said...

@ above anonymous,

Is it real?

Who is promoting lies here, you or me?

Or you can accept that you do not anything about Islam, which will be good for you.

Check the verse: 5:5. (Chapter 5, verse # 5)

It clearly tells that Muslim men can marry Christian and Jewish women.

But it never tells Muslim women can marry christian and Jewish men.

The phrase used for identifying Christians and Jews in Koran is 'The people of the book'.

From the hadith, the people of book also came to include Parsis (Zoroastrians). Later it was extended to many others like Hindus, Buddhists and Sikhs.

Of course, not all schools of Islam made this extension. In fact, only 1 out of 4 major schools of Sunni Islam have made this extension, i.e. Hanafi school.

Now, who is indulging in lies? You or me.

Similarly, as Islam (or Koran) strictly prohibits Muslim women from marrying Non-Muslim men, Sharia law prescribes death penalty to those Non-Muslim men who marry Muslim women.

If a Muslim woman marries a Non-Muslim man, she is no longer considered as a Muslim and her husband is considered as one who lead her away from Islam.

In other words, he is indulging in Fitna i.e. seduction which is also mischief. punishment for mischief is death, verses 2:193 and 5:32-33.

Finally, Reliance of Traveller, classical manual of Shafi'i school of Islam clearly states that one of stipulations Non-Muslims have to abide by, in order to be given so called Islamic protection, is that Non-Muslim men should not marry Muslim women.

If any Muslim man does so, he will be killed.

It is not my part to blame the whole community. I am just telling what Islamic laws say and what are the beliefs of Muslims.

Anonymous said...

Wow unprecedented level of bigotry is being shown on this blog.

Rather than be angry, it makes me laugh at your naivety and misguided notions.


k.i.d said...

@ above anony,

If this is 'unprecedented bigotry' then what should Islam (and Muslims) placing Non-Muslims (infidels or kafirs) alongside dogs, pigs, urine and feces be called?

Here are below Muslim websites saying such things:

""Najasat" (pl. najasat) means uncleanliness, im­purity.

In Islamic laws, the najasat is of two types: inherent and acquired. To differentiate between the two, a thing which is inherently unclean is known as "`ayn najis," whereas a thing whose uncleanliness is acquired is known as "najis". A pure thing acquires impurity by coming into contact with one of the `ayn najis. For example: blood is considered an `ayn najis, whereas milk is considered pure. Now, if a drop of blood falls into a glass of milk, the milk will become najis because of the blood which is an `ayn najis.

The plural of `ayn najis is "a`yan najisah."

"Taharat" is opposite of "najasat," it means cleanli­ness and purity.

"Tahir" is opposite of "najis," it means a thing which is clean and pure.


According to the Islamic laws, the a`yan najisah are nine in number. The nine a`yan najisah can be divided into four groups as follows:

i. Common between Men & Animal:

1. urine;
2. stool;
3. semen;
4. blood;
5. corpses;

ii. In Animals only:

6. dogs;
7. pigs;

iii. In Man only:

8. kafir;

iv. Drinks:

9. intoxicating liquids."

This is another link to another Islamic website saying such things:

I guess you want to call this tolerance !

If you are a Hindu then you are just blinded by your own need for self-justification.

k.i.d said...

Oh, I forgot to mention one thing i.e. all Muslim majority nations treat Non-Muslims in their countries exactly like that.

Anonymous said...

what ever you rss log say about love, i am a hindu girl in love with a muslim and will be marrying him with or with out parents. you people can go to hell.

Anonymous said...

so you are ready to live along with other woman as his second wife? You are a brave girl.. And u love tyranny for sure! A chopped genital. No?

Anonymous said...

I donno who the hell ur who is researching so much against ISLAM alone.. so which religion do u foll??? does that religion allow u to talk ill about other religion????? I think ur an Aithist... ur so frustrated with ur own life and religion that u are pointing out other religion (ISLAM)...

Lemma tell u one thing... what is ur problem if women are not allowed to marry othr non muslim men???? were u in love with one and she couldn marry u sp ur angry??
what is ur problem if they kill and rape girls... U thinks hindus never do it??? if i have forgotten lemme remind u of Delhi rape case they raped and Killed her brutally.. and they are HINDUS...
Im a hindu and im not against hindus... but im against their thoughts they hardly believe in god.. we have so many gods we r confused whom and when to pray..
If u hate a religion dont insult it.. U have no rights...
And brahmins are the purest of all in Hindus.. those people who are fanatics themselves.. dont touch people who eat non veg... they can do it but Islam and other religion cant????
Look at ur society first dude before u interfere in others.. clean ur brain first and then talk...

i hate hindu brahmins from the bottom of my heart.. and i have muslim friends.. but ill prefer muslim friends rather than those cheap brahmins..

So i declare that community is sick... ll u accept it????

So please stop blaming a community.. i cannot degrade the community coz i hate it.. the same applies to u... May god bless your sick and rotten brain...


k.i.d said...

To above anonymous (March 13, 2013),

You wrote, "May god bless your sick and rotten brain.......".

But you should know that all I do here showing what is in Islamic holy scriptures like Koran, Hadith ( Sayings and deeds of Prophet Mohammad) and Islamic sacred law (Sharia Law).

If this Islamic fascism is restricted to books alone then all this would have become redundant.

Unfortunately it is not the case. Muslims all over the world act upon these fascist teachings.

You want a proof for this? Just look at how Islamic nations treat their religious minorities.

Do you know that in Pakistan the value of testimony of two Hindu men or Christian men (4 Hindu women) is equal to testimony of one Muslim man ?

In Saudi Arabia the value of life a Hindu is 1/40th of a Muslim ! And value of life of Christian is half that of a Muslim !

In Iran too, Non-Muslims are not treated as humans.

Even in so called Malaysia, legal discrimination against Non-Muslims is horrible and Muslim leaders of this so called progressive Islamic nation justify this kind of discrimination as they say Non-Muslims should not question Muslim exclusivist rights. You can read from below on this:


In one or other way, all Islamic nations discriminate against Non-Muslims. In all Islamic nations, the population of Non-Muslims is falling down.

Take Bangladesh: The population of Hindus came down from 27% in 1974 to 8% today ! In few years, they too will disappear.

In Pakistan, the population of Hindus is around 15%, and today it is less than 1% today ! In few more years the ethnic cleansing of Hindus will be complete.

What are the reasons for this kind of phenomenon ? Pretty simple. It is Islam and what it teaches.

In Islam, Muslims and Non-Muslims are never equal. Koran says Muslims are the best people and superior. And Non-Muslims are the worst of all creatures. By default, Non-Muslims are subhumans and criminals.

Do you know that no rational society gives equal rights to criminals ?

Do you know that any society always upholds killing or humiliating subhumans and vermin-like people ?

Now, we have the answer to that riddle of why Islamic nations do not give equal rights to Non-Muslims; because Non-Muslims, by default, are criminals and subhumans.

There is much more to this.

And if you have no problems with these and those double standards I mentioned in this post, which you glossed over simply, and you call me a sick guy, as you seek superior moral ground, then there is something seriously fault with your moral compass. In fact, your moral compass does not exist. It is a fake one as it can no longer distinguish between what is right and what is wrong.

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot again for non sense..
What u spoke about is happening in India as well.. coz wht islam is teaching tht is wht we as hindus are doing.. bt nt towards another religion bt against ppl we call minorities.. or SC/ST... brahmins wht do they do..act as if they are the most pious ppl in the world when compared to ppl frm other castes.. so indirectly Islam teaches and we hindus preach it by hurting our own society and our own people.. so we cannot just blame Islam here.. it in the mentality of individuals... religion is what u preach but ppl have got carried away by the literal word called religion...

When the girl in delhi was raped the Hindu activists had the ado-city to tell that girls r meant to be raped or used by men.. so its obvious all this would happen in the society and we should not bother much... they acted as if it was her mistake..tht women should be at home nd nt out

so arent we talking like Islam... restricting women???? they ask girls to put pardha to cover their purity..
we dont wear any such thing other than clothes... so now temme a man ll look at a lady who wears pardha or a lady who walks in a short skirt n tshirt????

so its not just Islam u have to blame... u need to blame the word religion... i believe god is only one.. he has no religion, no caste nothing.. so lets pray that god to stop all non sense happening in the world in the name of religion and to make a new begning for every one in the society... Thank you once again... and Islam is the biggest religion in the world.. many countries follow it... if people of other religion cant go there and follow what they say... let them come back n stay in those countries where they think their religion ll protect them... why do they have to go to other countries n create problems for themselves and ppl staying there??? I have my brother staying in a muslim country since 8 years.. he is really happy.. n he is a hindu... he even says rhar there are soo many hindus staying there as citizens.. so they r happy there than in India..

coz of such mentality neither ll india develop now nor in future...
n most of the muslims in india are all convert's from hinduism to islam... its seen in our history.. the first indian muslim was from kerala..

"The first Indian mosque, Cheraman Juma Masjid, is thought to have been built in 629 A.D, purportedly at the behest of Rama Varma Kulashekhara, who is considered the first Indian Muslim, during the lifetime of Muhammad (c. 571–632) in Kodungallur, Kerala by Malik Bin Deenar."

n talking about my moral.. i dont give a damn of what u think of my moral.. i know what im doing and following is right.. so i dont give a shit for what u other any other looser has to say...

k.i.d said...

@ anonymous,

I will be replying to you at this site: