Monday, October 1, 2012

Hindu Muslim inter-religious marriages ( 10 )

Hypocrisy and double standards are order of reporting by present day media and political discourses. What accentuates this total surrender to Islamic supremacism is indifference of masses esp. Hindus who continue to be awed by khans of Muslim-mafia controlled Bollywood - a creation of English media to show their secular credentials to other nations (so much obsession with what others think about this country !).

A media which can creep to such low levels will never feel the requirement to report Islamic Jihad in India or violence of Indian Muslims to coerce Hindus to abide by norms of Sharia, here, i.e. Hindu boys do not marry Muslim girls.

Sharia law (Islamic law) allows Muslim men to marry Non-Muslim women and raise their children as Muslims while at the same time prohibiting Muslim women from marrying Non-Muslim men. Islamic law stipulates that Non-Muslim men who marry Muslim women be killed.

So, when Muslims in these two cases, mentioned below, tried to kill Hindu boys they were only following mainline teachings of Islam.

Media, so called social activists and politicians become passive supporters of such violence by default by choosing not to report nor condemn them publicly. It is worth remembering how media acted and politicians behaved and social activists marched with candles in the case of Rizwanur and Priyanka. Hypocrisy is a lesser word to describe Indian secularism.

Hate Jihad - Vice Captain of Kerala Junior football team - Jithu Mohan- bathed in petrol and set fire on for falling in love with a Muslim girl

Family of a Hindu boy who married a Muslim girl threatened with violence: Will Mamta do something?

Are these two the first of its kind reported here but not by SECULAR ENGLISH MEDIA? No. Just click on the label to read more on this.


Anonymous said...

again the same topic by this bigot.....hehe

Anonymous said...

You are the earth's first bstd. Stop writing your bigotry on my blog.

ahamed said...

first of all if you have read Quran ( I suppose you havent)one knows very well the Quran does advice the Muslims not to give their sons and daughter in marriage to non muslims. It also clearly states it is better to give their sons or daughters in marriage to a believing slave rather giving them in hand to non -muslims. and after their marriage if any of them (either sex) married to a Muslim repent and turn to Islam for the pure sake of mercy from God. then God is full of mercy and he will uphold their union. I am sorry to say things you propagandize does not represent the true saying of quran. read with open mind and seek Gods mercy and one day you will also turn to Islam as Van Doorn an anti Islam Fitna movie producer. It is easy all you have to do is take a translated copy of the Quran. try and you shall bear witness there is No God But God and Mohammed is his messanger.