Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sharia triumphs in Tamilnadu; Kamal Hassan tastes his own stupidity deservedly as screening of ‘Viswaroopam’ withheld for two weeks

"Now with this experience, is there any chance that he realizes Muslims are not the victims but victimizers and that Islam is indeed an intolerant faith and also a totalitarian ideology ? Is he going to realize that Muslims forced the ban on his movie because of their supremacist belief that none can criticize Islam or even Islamic terrorism ? Unlikely to happen, as his reported statements suggest that he believes  those Muslims wanting a ban on his movie are not in majority ! Best of luck to him if he hopes to see ‘those supposedly majority’ good Muslims coming to his defense by holding counter demonstrations, releasing press statements and condemning the threats and intimidation he faced and our society had endured. "


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The Mindset said...

it's TheMindset here

I am loking for a post of yours where u proved that Muslims are allowed to renounce their oath.

I lost the link , need it for a post.

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hello mindset,

i am not him but i came across this few minutes back.