Monday, April 18, 2011

Bengali Hindus need to make a stand

"Bangladesh’s Hindu population is dying. This is not opinion or “Islamaphobia” or anything else people want to call it to deny reality. It’s a fact. At the time of India’s partition in 1948, Hindus made up just under a third of East Pakistan’s population. When East Pakistan became Bangladesh in 1971, they were less than a fifth; thirty years later, less than one in ten; and many put today’s Hindu population at less than eight percent.", Dr. Richard Benkin says on the anniversary of Hindu Samhati.

One can read the full speech from here.

The immediate problem is not just what is happening in Bangladesh but what is taking place with in Indian borders: step by step Islamization of entire West Bengal piece by piece. Should one need be reminded that when Partition of Bengal took place, East Bengal was for Muslims and West Bengal was for Hindus. But, misunderstood Gandhiji's philosophy and secularism of 'western' like liberal and atheist Nehru have turned out to be bane of ordinary Bengali Hindus living in West Bengal as they are facing existential threat today like Bengali Hindus living in Bangladesh faced.

What Dr. Benkin says about Hindus in Bangladesh is a warning to Bengalis in West Bengal as in some places, like Deganga, Hindus are being uprooted.

Islam is not a religion, it is also a totalitarian political (fascist) ideology and a cult. Its founder, Prophet Mohammad, is one of the lowest of lowest people ever to live on the face of the earth. Fighting it intellectually and politically is a virtue, not a vice; in reverse, not doing anything to stop advance of Islamic barbarianism is vice. 

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