Wednesday, April 6, 2011

'No compulsion in Islam'. A Christian in Pakistan given choice between death and converting to Islam.

A passionate quote from modern day Muslim apologists on freedom of religion in Islam goes like, "there is no compulsion in religion.(verse 2:256)" To recall, Islam gives three options to people of book (Jews and Christians): 1. convert to Islam 2. or pay Jizya and live like second class citizen by accepting humiliating conditions 3. or fight and die. Its choice to polytheists (like Hindus and Buddhists) is two fold: death or conversion to Islam. Among four schools of Jurisprudence, Hanafi differs slightly from others as it extends choice of paying Jizya and status of dhimmi to polytheists too. But, there is never any guarantee that even if infidels are paying Jizya and living in state of humiliation, physical security of infidels is 100% as history shows. More importantly, there can never be any equality between Muslims and Non Muslims as it goes with out saying disbelief in Islam is the worst form of corruption. To see how insecure lives of Non Muslims in Islamic societies will be - when some parts of sharia law are under implementation like blasphemy law of Pakistan - one needs to read the following report:

Christian man goes into hiding when told 'convert or die'. (or here)
“Convert or die”. Masih Gill, a Christian from the city of Mardan, in the province of “Khyber Pakhtunkhwa” (Northern Pakistan), was threatened with these words by a group of Muslims with whom he had been speaking, after the recent episode of the burning of the Koran in the US.
This event caused violent reactions in Pakistan (three churches attacked in a week) by Muslim extremists. Nearly one dozen UN guards were killed on April 1, while two were beheaded. Local sources say that Masih Gill simply defended his faith, saying that Christians respect all religions and do not nurture hostility towards anyone. The  Muslims then threatened Gill. They also said that they would charge him before Pakistani authorities with blasphemy  ......
The city of Mardan, in fact, is harbors numerous radical Muslim groups which terrorize civilians, especially religious minorities. “His story is one of many, and a fine example of the frustrations that Christians suffer daily”, explained Haroon Masih, Director of the Masihi Foundation......
The reason of some one burning Koran in US as cause for this kind of intolerance is just childish as many incidents of this nature were reported in the past too.

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