Saturday, April 9, 2011

LeT (Lashkar-e-Taiba) wants Srinagar bomb blast, that killed a Muslim religious leader, blamed on Hindutva outfits.

Remember all those bomb blasts which are being blamed on non existing Hindu fascist groups by home minster and Digvijay Singh . Particularly, Digvijay Singh's rancor, probably under instructions from so called 'the most powerful person' in India (need not be Indian at all), is meant to achieve multiple objectives: 1. Demonizing Hindus and Hindu groups with implicit message that Islamic extremism and terrorism are just a myth and it is Hindus who are real threat to nation; 2. To induce 'FEAR' in to Muslims about their physical security and to tap in to resulting sentiments of Muslims on victimization and marginalization; and subsequently, to project Congress has true guardian of secularism and protector of Muslims. What better way exists than to brandish Hindu groups as terrorists and at the same absolving Islamic organizations; 3. Making opposition defenseless; 4. Making ignorant Hindus guilt conscious and reducing their opposition to policies of Muslims appeasement; 5. to make the way much easier for labeling any one questioning its policies extremists; 6. Signalling to leaders of Islamic organizations that it means business and in return, those leaders are expected to get their supporters to vote for Congress.

The obvious consequence of this dangerous ploy is more blatant efforts at Islamization by Islamists either through terrorism or other 'peaceful activities' like love jihad etc. and to shut down any kind of discussion on threats of Muslim illegal immigration from Bangladesh. Islamists are not dumb to fail to perceive how easily politicians and their policies can be made more amenable to their ultimate goal of Islamic rule in India, thus finishing the unfinished job of Islamizing India under Delhi Sultanate and Mughal rule. That is what Saudi sheik meant when he told Muslim students to work towards changing social order in the country.

Where is media in all this? We have seen them publishing Digvijay Singh's hate message with out any questions or analysis. We have seen them not reporting honestly on violence committed by Muslims in West Bengal or other parts of country. We have seen them censoring letters written by Muslim terrorists about their beliefs and motives. So, to expect following news item in regular main stream media is naive:

'LeT wants Srinagar blast blame on Hindutva outfits'
New Delhi, April 8 (IANS) Intelligence agencies have intercepted a telephonic conversation of Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) spokesperson in Pakistan asking a Kashmiri journalist to put the blame of Friday’s Srinagar blast that killed a top [MUSLIM religious leader who opposed sharia law on stoning people to death for adultery] religious leader on Hindutva groups, including the Shiv Sena.
‘Message (was) intercepted between Abdullah Ghaznavi, LeT spokesperson in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir and a reporter in Kashmir,’ said a source privy to the interception.
He said that LeT leader during the telephonic conversation ‘directed (the reporter) to spread the message to misdirect people that the blast in Srinagar was done by the Shiv Sena and Bajrang Dal and that more such actions (are) likely by these organisations’.
Prominent Kashmiri religious leader Maulana Showkat Shah, a trenchant critic of last year’s stone throwing youngsters, was killed in a powerful bomb blast outside a mosque in Srinagar, triggering a spontaneous shutdown that crippled life in the Jammu and Kashmir summer capital.

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