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Oldest Hindu temple in Australia is sprayed with bullets by Muslims.

Isn't Islam supposed to be tolerant? Isn't Islam teaching Muslims to live in harmony with Non Muslims? Aren't the Muslims, for the purpose of proselytizing, lionizing about how sharia protects Non Muslims when it actually discriminates and humiliates Non Muslims? Sharia! it is supposed to be practiced only in Muslim majority countries and Australia is a infidel majority nation, right. But, Muslims regard Allah as the sole sovereign of entire earth and universe and his sharia law should be applied every where and of course,Jihad is the process of making sharia as supreme law in the entire world. So, we have an example of Islamic tolerance towards others from Australia.

Temple which was targeted. 
Friday prayers outside a mosque in Sydney. Are these not a problem for traffic and public?

Gunshots prompt prayers for peace. (Thanks to Kiran)

Behind-the-scenes talks are trying to put a stop to terrifying, violent attacks on a minority religious community, write Eamonn Duff and Natalie O'Brien. 
IT BEGAN with minor acts of vandalism, including egg throwing and smashed windows, but instead of remaining periodic footnotes in the night log at Auburn police station, the incidents have grown so violent - and the issue so culturally sensitive - that even authorities are reluctant to speak about them publicly. 
Australia's oldest Hindu temple, the Sri Mandir in Auburn, is under siege and its devotees gripped by fear. 
On March 19, two men in balaclavas stood at the intersection of a nearby road, spraying the front of the prayer hall with eight rounds of bullets. The building was unoccupied at the time.
The busy Hindu temple opened in 1977. It is surrounded by a predominantly Muslim population and it is no secret among locals that tensions have been simmering in recent years, caused by concerns about noise and parking problems at Sri Mandir. 
Oh, yes! Then, infidels of infidel majority countries should spray all mosques with bullets as high decibel noise of shouts (called prayers) of 'Allah Akbar' 5 times a day keep disturbing every one. Parking problems! Yes, Ask French (or even Australians as the above picture shows) on how Muslims take over streets for conducting their prayers while blocking traffic for hours. What should they do, then? 
This, in reality, has nothing to do with noise or pollution... it is purely Islamic supremacism and fascism. A temple in Muslim majority locality is simply an insult to Muslim supremacists as Infidels conducting their rituals publicly is forbidden in Sharia law. Islam is never the one to grant privileges it seeks from others to 'others'. It is one way street. It has more to do with systematic violent campaign to drive out Hindus to make the locality totally Islamic.
''There is no excuse [for the gun attack],'' the editor of Sydney newspaper The Indian, Rohit Revo, said. 
''This was not the work of teenagers; neither was it a petty prank. This is part of a sustained and increasingly violent campaign to scare the temple devotees and drive them out. By definition, this latest attack was an act of terrorism.'' 
The Sun-Herald is aware the ongoing feud has caused disquiet among some of the most senior police in western Sydney. In a rare move, details of the shooting were deliberately held back from the NSW police media unit through concern that publicity might inflame hostilities. 
Auburn City Council claims the first it knew of the incident was when The Sydney Morning Herald published an article on Wednesday. Since then, the chairman of the Community Relations Commission, Stepan Kerkyasharian, has stepped in as an intermediary between Hindus and Muslims. 
''Given the enormity and complexity of the issues, this is a classic example where we need to apply the principles of multiculturalism and get people to understand and accept that we are a religiously diverse community … we live together and we respect each other's religious diversity,'' he told The Sun-Herald. 
''We will be pursuing this through the commission and meeting people in the neighbourhood to discuss the issues. I will be very active in the area.'' 
Temple priest Jatinkumar Bhatt is praying for a peaceful solution for the sake of his three young children. Bhatt and his family live behind the temple and are too frightened to go outdoors after dark. 
''On the night of the shooting, we heard the noise, but every 10 or 15 days we experience the sound of firecrackers being thrown [over the fence], so we thought it must be that again,'' Mr Bhatt said. 
''Then the police came. They showed me the bullet holes in the walls and asked permission to come in and investigate. I am too afraid to say why I think this is happening.'' 
In an attack in November, four men wielding iron bars smashed their way through 10-millimetre- thick windows, showering the hall with glass while devotees were praying inside.
The temple recently held a community open day in the hope of brokering fresh ties with the wider community. 
''Many of our neighbours are very friendly but sometimes it feels like we are in a different place to Australia,'' Mr Bhatt said. ''The attacks are now always. It is like in Libya or Afghanistan.''
Mr Kerkyasharian has met the Bhatt family. ''The teenage daughter says she feels like she lives in a prison,'' he said. ''She said her younger brother doesn't know how to play because they are too scared to go outside to their front yard.'' 
The founder of the Islamic Friendship Association of Australia, Keysar Trad, said he had given a speech at the open day, in which he stressed the need to ''respect religious places of all faiths''.
''I am convinced these problems are not being caused by people who are religious and would urge the Muslim community to show support and solidarity to their neighbours at this time,'' he said. 
Flemington local area commander Superintendent Phillip Rogerson said police were trying to identify the attackers. Auburn Labor MP Barbara Perry said: ''I've got every sympathy for the Hindu community. This type of behaviour should not be tolerated.''

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Kiran said...

I just like to add one more fact to this report.
The temple was constructed in 1979 as the report says; at that time there were no muslims in that local area.

Since now, they from a majority in that place, they want every other either to move out or live like a good dhimmi.

One can read more on this from below link:

Click here.

If you see the comments, most are complaining about Islam and Muslims but not Hindus who do not make any additional demands nor try to take over Australia.

Is Islam really religion of peace and tolerance!!!!!!!

admin said...

@ Kiran,

Thank you.

Murtad Hindu said...

Basically, it is a skirmish happened between two sects of Hinduism. Islam, a Shiva worshipping Arabian Hindu variant is prominent worldwide and they unknowingly believes they are Abrahamic faith which it is truely not. when dumped in the deserts with her son ishmael, Hagar(Hajira) prayed towards east to the main deity of present middle easterners called Allah(Shiva) to save her. Ishamaelis are also called as Muslims. they are a monotheist Shiva worshipping Hindu people. Perhaps, works must be carried out to make Hindus and Allah(Shiva) worshippers. you may see these links: