Wednesday, April 13, 2011

When the world is bowing to Islamic imperialism, a US woman citizen shows 'REAL' courage

Some pastor presided over burning of Koran in Florida, US and Muslims in Afghanistan responded in such a way that some said, "their actions simply justified the burning of Koran which means showing contempt for religion of Islam and its ideology."

Earlier in this blog (in last October), I said that I was against burning Koran but some knowledgeable ex-Muslims literally justified burning of Koran. In these 6 months, I learned new things, I read more books; worse thing after reading and learning more is strengthening of my old belief that Islam can never be reformed and clash between Islam and others is inevitable - if others finally realize what is happening and true nature of Islam - and have decided to make a stand. The big question is: Will ever Non Muslims realize the true nature of Islam? Right now, I go by an ex-Muslim's, Abul Kasem, view that it does happen.

Coming back to burning of Koran - I felt that - the whole incident could serve as a catalyst to make people read about, know and understand Islam on their own; in this way they do not have to depend on an 'Islamaphoebe' like me or some dubious Muslim apologists; because after reading, people become experts themselves no longer depending on others for developing opinions. But, all this is wishful thinking as my experience with some people in discussing Islam taught me. For many reasons, Hindus in India simply developed a barrier of high resistance around their faculty of objective inquiry.

Some try to turn (project) their ignorance of Islam and its ideology in to high moral position from where it is not required to say anything against or criticize Islam. Some say that they stand for secularism, freedom and freedom of every thing with out ever understanding one word of what they are standing for and where to draw lines on any position e.g. some said that they support freedom of expression. When I pressed, their views of freedom of expression come with many conditions and 'ifs'; when I confronted by saying who decides those conditions and 'ifs', silence is their reply. I hope they do realize the truth that it is 'THE ONE DECIDING  THESE CONDITONS and 'IFS' ' is real master.

Some giving an appearance of  upholders of freedom of expression can not even allow my comments on their websites. Some think that I am a rabid RSS ideologue seeing my criticism of Islam; and many times I fell over with many Hindus, at few websites, on my stands like 'I am against constructing a Ram Temple' or 'showing lack of interest in criticizing Christianity' or 'my rejection of RSS and its sexist position'. Right now, my way of getting over all these unhappy encounters is consoling myself that I am poor at persuasion and expression or presentation.

Leaving aside Indian context to resiting Jihad and its consequences, an ordinary, now extraordinary, woman in US has decided to stand against Islam and its ideas. Her name is Ann Barnhardt.  She did this by making videos of her expressions of disgust at politicians in US as some of them suggested curtailing freedom of expression in US and on why Islam is retrograde religion - at great personal risk (to appreciate her courage, compare it to me staying anonymous). Following are two video's; first one is on a US politician and second one is on Islam itself.

URL addresses for both the videos:


siva said...

"Hindus in India simply developed a barrier of high resistance ......."

I rather say that it is indifference primarily abetted by helplessness towards corruption.
That US woman is very brave in her replies to Lindsy Graham.

Anonymous said...

i have different opinion: hindus are morons.