Monday, April 11, 2011

Muslim youth:"By virtue of the registration of marriage and conversion certificate, she became my wife."

After conversion she becomes a Muslim - since now, both are Muslims - and Indian courts, maintained to uphold constitution, do not have any right to adjudicate on personal laws of Muslims as India does not have uniform civil code; what more worse could follow is that Hindu girl has to subject herself to judgement based on archaic laws of 7 th century, sharia law. Neither media nor politicians will ever dare to speak on such matters. This must have been the line of reasoning by lawyers on the side of Muslim man. At times, this kind of contradiction of sharia and civility or contradiction of sharia and special marriage act were seen in the past. Based on judgments given by high court judges, my thought was that with Hindus like these, India is not in need of terrorists or extremists from adjoining countries like Bangladesh and Pakistan. Here in this case, girl is simply fortunate and every girl may not find all judges like this judge.

Duped into conversion, woman gets divorce 
The Delhi High Court has granted divorce to a Hindu girl under the Special Marriage Act, finding truth in her statement that she was fraudulently made to sign papers by a Muslim youth which later turned out to be registration of marriage and conversion certificate into Islam. The girl and the youth were friends. She had taken his help to get membership of a library in Jama Masjid for which he persuaded her to convert to Islam. It was under this pretext that he made her sign and execute certain documents.

"This court does not find any illegality or perversity in the reasoning given by the learned trial court in accepting the case of the respondent (woman) that she had never adopted Islam religion and there was no proper solemnisation of marriage between the parties," Justice Kailash Gambhir said while upholding a trial court's decree of divorce.

Dismissing a petition filed by a man for setting aside the trial court's order, the court rejected his argument that the woman - being an educated person - knew about all the documents she had signed and the registration of marriage was done with her consent in November 2005.

The man later claimed that by virtue of the registration of marriage and conversion certificate, she became his wife.

When the woman discovered the fraudulent act in May 2007, she had approached the trial court for dissolution of the marriage under the Special Marriage Act and the court, in November 2008, had granted divorce to her.

".....being an educated person - knew about all the documents...". Valid argument but not enough as she does not know how disgusting Islam is and how cruel its Prophet was. Conversion is a tricky one and sufis in India have found out many tricks; one such is Islam is not different from others and one just has to say shahada (3 times) and continue living like they did previously. And there are also material and social benefits as they no longer have to pay jizya and live in humiliation. That first or second generations will not see any drastic changes but 3rd generation will find out that Islam is completely different from other faiths and will act accordingly.

This is what happened in India; at the time of partition, most Muslims are Muslims for name sake and even their names sounded like Hindu names. Precisely to change this, Deobandi has come up.

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Anonymous said...

In Agra, one Muslim couple coverted to Hindusim to get married with Vedic ritual, that incidence caused riots in Agra.
Total loss was 8-12 buses, couple of scoters, 3-5 knives incidence , 2 day curfew