Saturday, April 9, 2011

Moderate Islam? Imam opposing terrorists shot down in Dagestan (Russia.)

'There is nothing like moderate Islam or radical Islam and saying such is an insult to Islam; there is just Islam', these are the words of Turkey's Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Much of Koran was interpreted in only one way, - esp. regarding what is Jihad and how Non Muslims should be treated - since its advent with the exception of very few schools of Islamic thought that existed before, probably, 1100 AD. But Islam was never the one to adopt to less violent philosophy nor to dilute the meaning of submission to Allah successfully. Averroes himself was excommunicated for more emphasis on reason and logic (but his stand on Jihad was in line with main stream understanding.). Those liberal schools simply disappeared for adopting thoughts like -  there is free will in human decision making, reasoning and logic are more important than what is in Koran; people behind such thoughts were mostly influenced by writings of  Aristotle and Socrates. In early 12th century,  gates of interpreting (ijtihad) Koran were shut down with justification that Koran is relevant for all times as Koran itself states that none can change its content.

With exclusionary and supremacist doctrines -like jihad and dhimma- being only valid interpretations of Koran, what Turkey's PM Erdogan says is right. There is nothing like radical Islam or moderate Islam; while, existence of moderate Islam is a myth created by Muslim apologists and their liberal-left alliance, Islam in its own words is exclusionary and totalitarian. If we do not see every Muslim country trying to be like Taliban's Afghanistan or Saudi Arabia or Iran or Sudan, it does not mean that there is another version of Islam.

What happens when one tries to deviate from accepted true path - like going against blasphemy law or punishment for adultery by stoning to death or Jihad? We did see that speaking against blasphemy law has ended lives of two people. In the previous post, we did see a religious leader getting killed for opposing Islamic punishment of 'stoning to death'.

Similarly, an Imam in Dagestan (Russia) was killed for asking younger people not to join Islamic militant groups for Jihad (here):
A prominent imam who discouraged youth from joining Islamic militants has been shot dead in his home in the strife-torn southern Russian republic of Dagestan, news reports said Saturday.
Magomed Saiputdinov was slain by automatic gunfire in a nighttime attack near the Chechen-border town of Kizlyar, agencies quoted a spokesman for the local interior ministry as saying.
"He was widely known for his uncompromising stand against any forms of violence, condemning the murder of innocent people and other atrocities of the Chechen underground," Interfax quoted a police statement as saying.
Saiputdinov was the sixth Muslim religious leader to be killed in the republic in the past year, with the previous fatal attack occurring on November 1, 2010, RIA Novosti quoted the National Anti-Terror Committee as saying........

This kind of reactions from pious Muslims is the reason why we do not see any moderate Muslim speaking against violence and calling for changer or infidel media preferring to stay silent rather reporting on Islamic jihad.

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