Thursday, April 7, 2011

Modern and multicultural Malaysia to pass its own blasphemy law.

Some Islamic scholars say that Islam prohibits infidels uttering the word of Allah and even touching Koran. But Allah is not a word that came with advent of Islam in the year AD 590 when one idle and lunatic man living on his wife's wealth thought that visions he was experiencing, probably because of some tumor in his  brain, were from some God - he himself was not sure about the name of God. History written by pious Muslims themselves suggests name 'Allah' was in usage and worshiped at Mecca too. Like in all matters, Islam simply claims monopoly on each and every thing e.g. it plagiarizes stories from old testament and new testament that too in imperfect way. How do Islamic scholars explain away such discrepancies, then? They state that both old testament and new testament were corrupted by early Jews and Christians.  One can go on writing on this subject, but its mentioning here is to highlight how Islam tries to shut down every thing, from criticism to questioning, that is in disagreement with Koran. That is precisely, Sharia law awards death penalty to people who doubt, question or criticize Koran, Islam's bandit prophet or sharia law itself. This is what Pakistan's blasphemy law is all about. And Malaysia wants to adopt too.

People who abuse Koranic verses are to be charged in Malaysia according to a news report (here). The report also mentions that Non Muslims can not object to Islamic daily calls for prayer however loud they are. Interestingly, the way it was being understood is purely reminiscent of Islamic supremacism. If a Non Muslim objects to such loud calls from mosques, Muslims might probably take to streets resorting to violence; so to avoid such things labelled as disharmony, discord, enmity, hatred......govt. feels that this kind of law is necessary.

Regarding so called 'abuse of verses', which version of interpretation of some verses amounts to abuse? Or what kind of evidence is needed to establish that abuse did happen? In Pakistan, it turned out that once rumors came out on some one committing blasphemy, it did not matter what court said ultimately as Muslims on streets are carried Islamic banner of death.

If one wants to know what might count as abuse then know that Malaysia, mostly Sunni, recently banned Shite (shia) Islam from propagating their beliefs. 

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