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'Secular' English media reports 200 (!) Hindu women in Bangladesh raped!

The commitment of TOI to such reports, ultimately truth about Islamic intolerance towards non Muslims, can be gauged by observation that it has not allowed comments to this report. I am not even sure that this piece has appeared in print edition like it found its place in internet edition. A corporate like TOI very much knew about extent of penetration of internet in India and also knows about people who use it; those people are equally not favorites of reporting by English media. So, why not report it for the sake of reporting.

When it did, it ensured that its secular credentials are not violated by reporting in a manner as if this was a lone event. Radhashyam Brahmachari (RB)has brilliantly written on the violence perpetuated on Hindus in Bangladesh including kidnapping and raping of Hindu women, which is always an ongoing phenomenon. And many more have done extensive research on this targeting of Hindu women by Muslims. This specific targeting of Hindu women is directly related to extermination of Hindus from Bangladesh as there will be less procreation on Hindus side and also will serve as a warning to other Hindus. Below are links to two article written by RB:

Humanity assassinated.  (Discretion advised because of some graphical images.)
Why Muslims rape infidel women?

I myself wrote a post on this blog (here, here), where I presented some excerpts from RB's work, some of which are reproduced here:
Hindu women (from age 8 to 70) are often subjected to gang rape. About 200 Hindu women were gang raped by Muslims in Char Fashion, Bhola, in one night at a single spot (The Daily Star, Nov. 16, 2001)  [Mark this.]
The Islamic terrorists have levied Jizya taxes on the minority Christians and have told the Christians to give them their wives, sisters and daughters for sex if they failed to pay the tax. (Source: Christian Solidarity Worldwide, Dec. 13, 2001).
The Muslim thugs gang-raped mother and daughter together on the same bed with the parents and children forced to watch; and they have raped mothers in front of their children (The Daily Janakantha, Feb. 5, 2002; April 22, 2002).
From the second article:
 ......Shovanallah, there is no sin if you do jina (sex or rape) with the malaun women in this world. These women are nothing but war-booty (mai-e-ganimat). Whenever you feel like doing sex in this world, do it with the malaun women. Shovanallah, there is no sin in it and it is the process by which you have to drive them out of Bangladesh.” (pp-14)
Another lesson says, “We hate the malauns but not their women. Personally, I like the body-odour of the malaun women much. Whether they are Brahmins or Charals (A low caste), or Kaibartas (another low caste), their body odour is excellent. A highly intense, sweet mundane fragrance comes from their breasts, from the hairs of their armpit and thighs. The extremely sweet fragrance that comes from the sweat of their pubic-hairs makes me mad.”
The lecture continues, “I get really amazed by observing the power of that Islamic gun. They start pushing the Islamic gun without any pause. They pushed the Islamic gun into a malaun girl in front of her parents. After tasting the daughter, they tasted her mother. Some tasted the mother first and then the daughter, while some tasted the daughter first and then the mother. In one occasion, 10 – 12 jihadis seized a 10-year-old malaun girl. The mother of the came to me in tears and requested me to send the jihadis one by one. She also said that her daughter is very tender and she has not yet reached puberty and begun menstruation. If so many jihadis go to her at a time, my daughter will die. So, I asked the jihadis stand in a queue and go inside the room one by one.”
“One day, another jihadi called Mohammad Hafijuddin came to me with an unique proposal. He asked, “Sir, is it true that there is no sin in raping malaun women?” I said, “yes”. Then he said that, a khayes (intense desire) has come to his mind. When I enquired about the khayes, he said, “I want to rape four malaun women at a time.” A further enquiry revealed that he came to me after keeping four Hindu women, a mother, two daughters and one daughter-in-law, as captives under lock and key. I also told him that he must fulfill his khayes and get satisfied and that would be better for his physical and mental health. After receiving my consent, he returned and took two hours to complete the job. It appeared to me that, he did not take much time to rape four women. “
Now lets come to the present report: Minority women' gang raped in Bangladesh in 2001-02
DHAKA: A judicial commission has concluded that over 200 Hindu women were raped following the 2001 parliamentary election, forcing many terrorized families to flee the country.
The acts were allegedly committed by cadres of the Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) and its ally Jamaat-e-Islami who won the 2001 polls, the report said, citing the involvement of many top leaders and lawmakers of the alliance that is now in the opposition.
While the commission referred to the victims as "minority women", media reports of that period had identified them as Hindus.
With Begum Khaleda Zia as the prime minister, the BNP-Jamaat alliance ruled Bangladesh during 2001-06.
The violence went on for 15 months and "the barbarous act was intended to force them to leave the country. They were, in the eyes of the culprits, enemies as they voted for the Awami League", The Daily Star said on Tuesday, quoting commission sources.
The commission submitted the report to home minister Sahara Khatun. It lists 3,625 incidents of major crimes, including killing, rape, arson and looting.
Media reports at that time had detailed the plight of hundreds of Hindu families crossing over to India, forcing the Indian government to express concern.
Bangladeshi poet Daud Hyder, who visited the camps in India where these families were lodged and wrote about it, was later charged with sedition and imprisoned.
The wave of violence was the subject of "Lajja" by novelist Taslima Nasreen, who angered the Islamists at home and was had to quit Bangladesh. She still remains exiled.
Many victims and their family members interviewed by the probe panel narrated harrowing experiences, but said they did not lodge police reports or undergo forensic tests for fear of inviting social stigma, the report says.
Many victims and their family members across the country contacted the commission when it was conducting the probe.
According to the panel, it would be "tough or, to some extent, impossible" to continue the probe into the rape allegations "as the victims themselves are unwilling to do the legal battle".
The probe panel found that most of the gang rapes occurred in the country's southern part - Bhola, Barisal, Agoiljhara and Gaurnadi.

Can you notice one thing (just follow the paragraphs in red letters)? The figure 200 quoted by TOI was just actual no. of  victims at one place, at one time, not spread over 15 months. Then, that is how our media works. 


Anonymous said...

studying islamic nations and treatment meted out to kafirs is a must to understand islam along with history.
history was compromised completely by people like nehru and his cohorts.
honest reporting on atrocities by muslims is compromised by media giants like times of india.

siva said...

Then it is not surprising to see Hindus disappearing in Bangladesh. But the question is what happens in our backyard, WEST BENGAL.