Wednesday, May 11, 2011

It does not matter who will win in West Bengal assembly elections

For Hindus, it must be like choosing between deep blue sea and devil - as both the main contenders are pseudo secular and lacking any sort of vision - but exit polls say Trinamool Congress under Ms Mamta Banerjee is going to end 30 years of uninterrupted leftist rule.

So, will Hindus be able to reverse the trend of their decline under the new Govt.or at least arrest the Islamization of West Bengal? I doubt it because those who have watched Ms Mamta Banerjee's political career know that she is the friend and darling of Islamists.

With Muslims forming 27% of population of West Bengal, they always played a key role. Previously, majority of them did support and vote for CPI(M)-lead-leftist-coalition. It is clear that majority of them now support Trinamool Congress - probably might have voted for it too - and this shift was admitted by CPI(M) itself. It felt that it could turn the tide by giving reservations (12% (about) and for Muslims) and looked other way when Islamists were engaging in systematic violence to evict Hindus from their ancestral lands in the border districts.  But Ms Mamta Banerjee outclassed CPI (M) as she readily gave tickets to Islamists; both the parties were in a kind of tug of war to attract Muslim vote bank.

One reason for decisive shift was, cited by (Late) Jyoti Basu,  the way the state Govt. handled Priyanka-Rizwanur episode (Rizwanur killed by state police). If this was indeed the reason, it equally shows how skin deep Muslims commitment to secularism and pluralism is; just one incident! a strictly personal and family issue turned in to deliberately communal issue - fed by media to show their liberal and secular character (never mind that they stayed silent when Hindus were killed) - by Islamists from both the parties.

Some analysts say that findings of Sarkaria commission on state of Muslims and their representation in public sector was the reason as Muslims overall felt that they were let down by CPI(M). We all need to forget how CPI (M) gave ration cards and identity cards to illegal immigrant Muslims from Bangladesh settling in West Bengal!

If CPI (M) calculated that this would ensure support of Islamists forever, it got it wrong; Islamists can not be appeased unless West Bengal is turned in to Muslim majority state  and Hindus of West Bengal accept dhimmitude. Of course, CPI (M) will never learn the lesson and left-coalition probably will never come to power on their own again. In all likelihood, an Islamic party will emerge in the state like the one emerged in Assam and this will be the one which will decide every thing.

Islamists will be much more aggressive in their campaign to turn West Bengal in to some kind of state for  Muslims and incidents of violence will increase significantly under the government of Ms Mamta Banerjee. I always said- many time here in this blog itself -, "what has started under leftists will be finished under Ms Mamta Banerjee."

I just leave some observations made in the blog 'Ganashakti':

......Nevertheless there is another question as well. What would be the fate of Hindus in Bengal amidst all these?....... It is to be noted that religious persecution on Hindus in Bengal, with silent (often vocal too) support of political parties and effete state administration, is in full swing. Not a day passes when there is no torture on Hindus and all these are getting intense more and more.........No organization or political party is even ready to reckon Bengali Hindus and this, beyond any doubt, is due to incapacity, lack of assertion and frame of mind to struggle of the community. Both general people and principally Hindus have forgotten that Hindus do also have the right to exist and its existence is at stake within 65 years of the nation’s independence.........

How did it ever come to this situation? We can thank those pseudo intellectual class of Banerjees and Mukherjees!

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The Mindset said...

All those Bengali pseudo-secular idiots who know nothing about religion or politics.
Those people never had enough balls to stand up against anything. No wonder west Bengal will be turned into kashmir into the nest five years.
Now where will those impotent coward bengalis will go Antarctica. The Muslims will come there also.
It's people like you & me that will suffer at the end for the mistakes of these eunuches.