Thursday, March 29, 2012

50,000 Christians flee Syria; another ethnic cleansing by Muslims

World in Dhimmitude. That is what I would call.

What makes Syria is of particular concern is when Christians in Iraq were ethnically cleansed, many of them moved in to Syria (here).

And 50,000 moving out of Syria is not because of some civil war between rebels and Govt. It is because Islamic militants wanted to impose Sharia in Syria and are targeting Christians intentionally (Islamic forces target Christians in Syria  and  Syria: Armed Attack On Catholic Monastery).

Targeting of Syrian Christians has every thing to do with Islam, Islamic law and Islamic beliefs.

Considering that Assad's Govt. is relatively secular and well established intentions of Islamic forces for enforcing Sharia, Christians in Syria have a stake in survival of Assad's Govt. and are largely supportive of it.

For Islamists, Assad's Govt. is the obstacle between them and they imposing Sharia on Syria, which they consider it be birthright of Muslims. Logically it follows, in the views of Islamic militants, Syrian Christians have breached Dhimma pact by supporting anti-Islamic Govt - One condition on Non-Muslims living in Islamic nations is that they never support any forces against Islam -  so, Christians are legitimate targets to killed and driven out, which ever is possible. This is the same Islamic belief that was responsible for ethnic cleansing of Christians from Iraq.

So, we have ethnic cleansing of religious minorities taking place in Iraq, Sudan and Syria; yet we are not supposed to point out this nor media will never report these because doing so means inciting hatred against Muslims.

'Ethnic Cleansing of Christians' in Syria; 50,000 Flee  

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