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Rinkel Kumari and The Great Islamic Justice

Note: I just added "plain truth" at the end of this post. In simple words it is "The Supreme Judge of Supreme Court of Pakistan has condoned kidnappings of Hindu girls and their forceful conversions and marriages to Muslim men"

Rinkel Kumari  was kidnapped. Converted to Islam. Married off to a Muslim guy.

In the morning, I referred to a online news portal which has reported:

 ""In Pakistan there is justice only for Muslims, justice is denied Hindus. Kill me here, now, in court. But do not send me back to the Darul-Aman [Koranic school] ... kill me". This is the desperate, heartbreaking outburst of Rinkel Kumari, a Hindu girl aged 19....."

This news portal is not a commercial entity. It was a Christian portal. One will never see any bias based on Hindus as it is equally critical of India and some Hindu organizations. So, I reported this incident. More over, it is a reputed one.

The only news I read about this girl in main stream media is in New York Times and which I did not refer to because I know how honest it is when coming to reporting about Islam. Never the less, one can read what it said by clicking on the below link:

Similarly, there is another Christian news portal (Pakistan Christian Post), which reported:

"........urged Supreme Court of Pakistan to ensure safety of Hindu girls Rinkle kumari and Dr. Lata to whom it ordered to send to Darul-Aman on March 26, 2012, instead of their request to send them with their parents in court hearing."

(My Point: Now why so called Supreme Court wants to send this girl to some Islamic school when she requested SC to send her along with her parents? You will get the answer soon.)

The online Christian portal continues by reporting and conforming what was reported earlier (my first link) about Rinkel's statements. Below is the link:

After googling, I also found that Times of India reported this incident. The report can be read from below:

TOI also reports that Rinkel wanted to go with her parents. (I suggest you to read comments in addition to reading the report.)

Now comes the nail in coffin.

And it is Pakistan's major news paper The Nation. One can read from below:

And this tells the whole issue. It reports:

"The Supreme Court on Monday sent two Hindu girls, who had converted to Islam and got married to Muslim boys to Panah, a shelter home, so that they could make a decision of their future with ‘free will’ and with whom they want to go - parents or husbands.
Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry said, “Let these girls have some free time to think over and decide about their future themselves as now there is pressure of the court, police and their husbands’ parents on them.”"

(My point: Why all this non sense? Why differ the judgment until April 18nth?  This report also confirms earlier reports that Rinkel wants to go with her parents. Now should one be a Einstien to understand that she was kidnapped when she was pleading with Supreme Court Judge to let her go with her parents?)

The Nation continues to report:

 " of the girls, Rinkle Kumari, whose new name after conversion is Faryal Bibi, while crying begged, “I want to go with my parents,” ......."

(My point: What more that girl could do in such atmosphere? Now comes the Honorable Supreme Court's observation. Hold your breadth.)

".......the chief justice said, “Such marriages are not taken in normal situation,” adding; “the criminal element could not be overruled in these cases.” ....."

(My point: Now, can there be any doubt that Rinkel Kumari was kidnapped? Now, if it can not be over ruled, why not strike off her conversion and her marriage? And we all can go home! It is not that simple.)

"................He, however, cautioned that both the girls have embraced Islam and solemnized marriages and have been living with their husbands as wives......."


It does not matter how she converted but she converted to Islam. And she can not go back to Hinduism as she becomes an apostate and punishment for apostasy is death. And Pakistan being an Islamic nation having Sharia being the ultimate judge, what else Supreme Court can do?

What kind of man really calls kidnapping and being confined forcefully as living together? Look at what the Judge says now.)

"........Justice Tariq Pervaiz said, “We also have to see this factor that in India Muslim girls convert to Hinduism.” ..."

(My point:  Why doesn't he mention Pakistan? It is because Islam prohibits Muslim women marrying Non-Muslim men. If any union takes place, it only can come after the guy converting to Islam. 

But why mention what happens in India? Hindu girls marrying Muslim guys outnumbers  Muslims girls marrying Hindu guys by 100 to 1 ratio. In any case, conversion is not needed.)

Like I said, it is great Islamic justice. It is Islamic logic.

P.S.   The SC Judge says the criminal elements in these type of marriages can not be ruled out and also in these cases. The he observes 'but they have converted to Islam'.

It means they can not go back to their original religion. It does not matter how they converted. It does not matter if they converted at the point of gun. Because such conversions are valid in Islam. Prophet Mohammad himself sets an example in this kind before he invaded Mecca. The judge has proved that the axiom of 'no compulsion in Islam' is false. In the first place, Islam itself never really meant what Islamic apologists say about the verse 2:256.   

The second point is his observation adds to veracity of Islamic law: No Muslim can ever change their religion. Once any one who converts to Islam - circumstances does not matter  - there is no going back because Islam requires that those Muslims leaving Islam must be put to death. Prophet himself said,"Kill any Muslim who changes his religion..".    

In the case of Rinkel Kumari, it is obvious that she has no choice of getting back to her original life as Islam forbiddens Muslims from leaving Isl.   

Now coming to marriage, from the observations of The Judge, it is obvious that he was implying Rinkel does not have any choice but to live with her husband. Why? Because in Islam once a woman enters a wedlock, it is not her wish to come out. Divorce is the choice of husband.

We can clearly see that line of argument of Judge - in the matter of conversion or marriage - is in complete accordance with Islamic law. Then, we should not be surprised as Pakistan is a declared Islamic state and Sharia law is the ultimate reference.

But, what pains me is the consequences of such observations by Supreme Court of Pakistan. Because, by default, The Judge has condoned and sanctioned kidnapping, forceful conversion of Hindu girls and subsequent marriage to Muslim man. It means, in the absence of any corrective measure or punishing the culprits, now, I am saddened to say that abductions of Hindu girls in Pakistan will increase significantly as Muslim  men realized that law can not do anything.

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