Monday, March 26, 2012

Secular Govt. of Assam is paying cost of Islamization of Assam by giving money to madrassas

Anyway, the future of Assam is Islamic. If not entire Assam, one can say this with respect to districts bordering Bangladesh - which already turned in to Muslim majority, meaning Southern Assam.

And the fate of Hindus of those regions will be nothing different from the fate that befell Hindus in Pakistan, Bangladesh and Kashmir i.e. ethnic cleansing from their own lands. All this implies so called 'SECULARISM' is nothing but treason against Hindus and the country itself. Accomplices in this treason are not 'illegal' Muslim immigrants from Bangladesh - they are only dutifully following what their scriptures ask of them - but Indian secular politicians, Indian political parties (including BJP) and most importantly corrupt Indian English media which seeks more influence in decision making because it is 'secular' in outlook.

So, giving money to madrassas will only expedite ethnic cleansing of Hindus.

The honorable state minister says the money is for equipping madrassas with computers but the point one misses is if Muslims have money to start a madrassa, it should not be difficult for them to buy computers.

Lets agree that money is for buying computers but lets ask if  there is any Govt. agency monitoring these madrassas and to hold people running them accountable in case of misuse? There are many reports mentioning mismanagement and abuse that takes place in these institutions (one such is here).

The most important question is what do these Muslim children study in any madrassa? Koran. I am terrified because Koran only inculcates hatred towards Non-Muslims and children being indoctrinated at such an early  age looks ominous.

Some one might say they might also read liberal interpretation of Koran! This can only be a wishful thinking because liberal interpretation of Koran might exist in these modern times but chances of it being accepted by Ulema is nil. Most popular Tafsir in sub continent is the one written by Maulana A. Maududi - founder of Jamait-e-Islami - and this is banned in Bangladesh schools for its extremist views.

And most classical interpretations of Koran are in agreement over what Jihad is and how Non-Muslims should be treated and how they are eternal enemies of Muslims. More over, all 4 major schools of thought of Sunni Islam are unanimous (or near unanimous) on what Jihad is and laws humiliating Non-Muslims.

And if we are to talk about largest Islamic seminary in India, Deoband, Taliban of Afghanistan are products of philosophy of this school. Even this obvious and naked truth does not stop our politicians from associating with this seminary (here). Still, Islam is a religion of peace and tolerance, our politicians and intellectuals love to say.

The broad question is what kind of relations Muslim children indoctrinated with such teachings seek with Non-Muslims. The result of such will be ethnic cleansing of Hindus and their culture from their own lands.

Education minister gives Rs 3 lakh each to private madrassas

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