Saturday, March 31, 2012

A Christian girl: Pakistan has been hell for my family and me

According to media and many Non-Muslims, only few Muslims are terrorists and bad, whose vision of Islam is not representative of real Islam.

With out going in to details of that wisdom, lets ask how these very few Muslims are sufficient for such ethnic cleansing of religious minorities and their persecution? Take Hindus in Pakistan. They are going to disappear from Pakistan soon. And abduction of Hindu girls continues and probably it will increase after Supreme Court's virtual sanctioning of such practice.

Take Christians. 700 Christian girls are abducted annually. Many more Christians fell pray to Islamic blasphemy law.

Is it possible that above things could be result of few Muslims misunderstanding Islam? Blasphemy law is not invention of this few Muslims.

All this happened and continues to happen because Islam - at its core - is hostile to co-existence of all faiths based on equality. Central to what Muslims believe is the sanctioning and requirement of humiliating and degrading Non-Muslims living under Islamic law. If the written proof for this is in Sharia law, its enactment can be seen here as a Christian girl narrates her experiences in Pakistan.

A disappointed Pakistani Christian
Many of the Muslim kids refused to share food with me, nor would they take a bite or sip from anything I may have consumed. I have had girls tell me point blank that their parents have instructed them never to sit and eat with people of other faiths because it’s haraam (forbidden). I will tell you what’s haraam; teaching your children to hate instead of love…that’s what’s haraam.
The question is from where do those Muslim parents get such crazy ideas of requirements of their faith. The simple answer - but no one wants to see and hear  -  is Koran, foundational book of Islam.
I will never forget an incident in school during a physical education class when, as I was passing the volley ball to a Muslim girl, her eyes suddenly shot daggers at me and she screeched:
"Why do you wear that cross with an idol on it?
“This is my prophet…Jesus”, I said in a hoarse whisper because mother had always told me never to argue with people about religion.
“Just like you wear that Allah around your neck, I wear the cross.”
“Idol worshipping is haraam, and the Prophet hated idol worshippers. You are a kafir (disbeliever)”"
The word kafir has resonated within me forever. I was marked, stamped and stained for life as if a member of the kachra class in India.
Yet again, any one searching for truth can see that Koran and Islam are behind such behavior of Muslims, like calling kafir or showing hatred towards other symbols.

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