Thursday, March 29, 2012

Hindu Girl (Rinkel Kumari) in Pakistan's Supreme Court: "Kill me here. But do not send me back to Koranic school."

When I reported a statement made by Pakistan's minister that 200 Hindu girls disappeared in recent months referring to a report, the report inhumanely mentions a Muslim journalist from Pakistan saying only few of these cases of kidnappings are true and some of these girls run away from parents to convert to Islam and to stay with their loved ones (here). The journo was referring to those hapless girls telling the court that they did convert and marry out of their own decision; never mentioned fact is she was forced to sign lot of documents (Just like Priyanka Todi was asked to sign papers; I should't have brought up this case here but it shows how pre-planned Muslim guys are in the cause of Islam).

Is there any choice for that hapless girl other than saying those things when court rooms are filled with Jihadists shouting "Allah Akbar" and few more hundreds of Jihadists waiting outside courts? There are even cases where parents of victim girl and their lawyers were not even allowed in to courts.

Indisputable truth in this kind of stories is police and judiciary become complicit to Islamic cause. Never mind that Human Rights Commission of Pakistan lamentably mentioned this in its report that 20 to 25 Hindu girls are kidnapped every month.

Hindu girl tells Supreme Court she would rather die than convert to Islam
"In Pakistan there is justice only for Muslims, justice is denied Hindus. Kill me here, now, in court. But do not send me back to the Darul-Aman [Koranic school] ... kill me". This is the desperate, heartbreaking outburst of Rinkel Kumari, a Hindu girl aged 19, who has entrusted her heartfelt appeal to the judges of the Supreme Court in Islamabad. Her story is similar to that of many other young women and girls belonging to religious minorities - Christians, Hindus, Sikhs, Ahmadis - kidnapped by extremist groups or individuals, most of the time lords or local mafia, which convert them by force and then marry them . And that is what the girl said on 26 March, before the judges of the capital's court.

The drama of Rinkel Kumari, a student of Mirpur Mathelo, a small village in the province of Sindh, began the evening of February 24: A handful of men seized her and delivered her a few hours later into the hands of a wealthy Muslim scholar, the man then called her parents, warning them that their daughter "wants to convert to Islam."  ...................
...........As often happens in these cases, even the judiciary is complicit: a local judge ordered that the girl should be given to the Muslims, because her conversion is "the result of a spontaneous decision" and also stated the marriage was above board. A claim that was repeated on February 27, at the hearing before the court, after which the girl was "renamed" Faryal Shah.

However, the story of Rinkel is not an isolated case: every month between 25 and 30 young people suffer similar abuses, for a yearly total of about 300 conversions and forced marriages. Hindu girls - but also Christian - who are torn from their family and delivered into the hands of their husbands / torturers.......
Speaking to AsiaNews Fr. Anwar Patras, the Diocese of Rawalpindi, condemned "with force" the kidnapping and forced conversion. "The Hindus in Sindh - adds the priest - live a hard life. The reality is getting harder for them, they are forced to migrate because the state is unable to protect them and their property.

Extra-ordinary thing in this case is every thing (behavior of Muslims) that was happening here is legal in Islam and in complete accordance with prophetic example i.e. Prophet Mohammad is the perfect example for Muslims to follow.

Now will Indian media report this incident? Earlier they reported this particular case probably with implicit assumption that she ran off on her own and Hindus are trying to create a scene but it is fashionable for these media to deride Hindus in every way they could.

Now if they stay silent and do not report, we can all rest assured that that 'implicit assumption' I mentioned above is their line.

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