Saturday, March 10, 2012

Hindus fleeing Balochistan apply for asylum in India

Are they going to get permission from this secular (read anti-Hindu and appeasing Islamists) Govt.? Considering that media - which arrogantly supposes itself as sole medium for propagating and safe-guarding democracy, freedom and humanity- is a proven puppet of this Govt., it will not be surprising if Govt. says 'NO'.

This supposedly secular Govt. refused asylum for persecuted Hindus in the past and media and intellectuals didn't say a word (here).

The basis of media's and intellectual's favorite adjective 'secularism' i.e. humanity as value - to which this system intends to espouse so much is skin-deep in reality.

How else Kuladeep Nair can only be blind to ethnic cleansing of Hindus and Sikhs from Pakistan and continues to strive for good relations between India and Pakistan?

Or take Bollywood esp. so called Khans and people like Javed Akhthar - who openly ridiculed Indian spiritualism (One might say he has the right to criticize, but will the same gentleman extend this right to me if I point out supposedly secular Deobandi Islamic seminary is the inspiration behind the Taliban movement?) - trying to be ambassador for promoting good relations between India and Pakistan on basis of shared culture and civilization!

For all these fake celebrities and pseudo intellectuals, ethnic cleansing of Hindus and Sikhs from Pakistan and Bangladesh is of no consequence as if Hindus are not in need of basic human rights.

Or take thuggish media's constant streaming of lies about Gujarat riots in 2002? The way they package their news produces an image that only Muslims were killed and Muslims were never the killers by shadowing the fact that Hindus too were killed by Muslims. This deliberate false propaganda was conceived to perpetuate the myth of Muslims being victims always and to bring a wave of resentment among ignorant Hindus who can not really distinguish between Hindutva of BJP and speaking for Hindus.

In advancing the myth of Muslims being victims always, media criminally and cunningly has chosen to conceal the violence unleashed by Muslims on Hindus in West Bengal, Assam and Kerala even when the goal of such violence is turning those states in to Muslim majority and eventual caliphate in India.

The recent elections have given a ray of hope as electorate drubbed Congress(I) even after massive bias in media towards Congress(I). All this indicates people can see through ugly designs of media which right now is the single largest threat to survival of Hinduism in India.

Hindus fleeing Balochistan  

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