Sunday, March 25, 2012

Pakistan minister claims 100 Hindu women forced to convert to Islam

100 women, predominantly Hindu, converted forcibly to Islam?

That too in recent months ! Wrong.

Ever since I started writing in this blog i.e. since march 2010, I have been mentioning about this Islamic practice of humiliating Non-Muslims (Hindu and Christian) by abducting Non-Muslim women and forcing them to marry  Muslim men after conversion. Or they might have become concubines in some school of seminary.

Even this deplorable news fades in to emptiness if compared with overarching ethnic cleansing of Hindus from Pakistan and Bangladesh (it has not reached climax in Bangladesh yet, but it is on its way). One will only be labelled Hindu communalist or sympathizer with Hindu right wing for daring to ask what happened to Hindu populations in Pakistan and Bangladesh. Such kind of honest discussion can not be held like many other topics that shed light on Islam and its imperialist ideology. The left-intellectual terrorists in India are not just satisfied with achieving total prohibition on mentioning such truth. They also set intellectual fashion of Hindus deriding their own values and Muslims upholding their barbaric culture.

The evidence for this can be seen from our Bollywood 'Khans' regularly going to Pakistan and calling for good relations between Pakistan and India as if ethnic cleansing of Hindus from Pakistan is a trivial matter. Indeed it is if one considers belief of superiority of Muslims and Islam with respect to idolaters (actually all Non-Muslims) that Koran so wonderfully inculcates in to Muslims through numerous verses. For these Khans and other Muslims in India, evidence for Islamic superiority is Muslims ruling India and all those mosques constructed on ruins of Hindu temples.

Since it is general for superior people taking pity on inferiors occasionally or it could be called humiliation, how do these 'Khans' take pity on or humiliate Hindus? By marrying Hindu women.

In simplest words, no civilization has embarked on self destruction like these modern Hindus did in India.

Pakistan minister claims 100 women forced to convert to Islam
A Pakistani minister has claimed that 100 non-Muslim women, predominantly Hindu, have been forced to convert to Islam in the country in recent months.
Minister for National Harmony Akram Masih Gill, a Christian, said that if true, the practice went counter to all things established by Islam as the faith prohibits forced conversion.
Really? He can say this because, otherwise, he wouldn't be alive. 

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