Friday, March 9, 2012

Saudi women injured during a protest against discrimination

What happened to the lofty Islamic claim of Islam being the first religion to recognize and grant women's rights and to free them from oppression? Anwar Sheikh explains that Islamic ulema and intellectuals invented this lie to keep away Muslim women from open rebellion. The best way to find about this question is to read Islamic sources like Koran, Hadith and Sharia law itself. Or one can look around opening their eyes and ears.

Here, yet again in the birth place of Islam- Saudi Arabia, Muslim female students are protesting against discrimination against them in universities and got injured.

One can also  recall that in the year 2002, Saudi police in their Islamic zeal to enforcing women to wear veil caused 15 women burn to death by refusing to let some of trapped women inside burning building out as they were not in proper Islamic attire (here).

Even in India, in the so called prestigious Islamic university, Aligarh, women are not allowed in to library and there are also many reports of Muslim male students trying to force Muslim women teachers to wear veils; response of our Govt. in all this is to simply stay out in the name of  'not interfering in Islamic institutions'.

Women 'injured' in Saudi university protest
An investigation has been launched after at least 50 women were reportedly injured when a protest at a university in Saudi Arabia turned violent. 
Hundreds of women took part in the protest against discrimination and mismanagement at the King Khalid University, in Abha, on Wednesday. 
Dozens were said to have been injured after security forces and religious police moved in to break it up. 
The university said some of the students had attacked staff. 
The BBC's Arab Affairs Editor, Sebastian Usher, says that images of the women shouting in protest against the university authorities were posted on social media and networking websites...........

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