Monday, March 26, 2012

The debate between Mr. Eric Allen Bell and Mr. Nadir Ahmad on the topic 'Is Islam inherently violent?'

Mr. Eric Allen Bell needs a small introduction. He was a former leftist but a different one like, he is open to reason. And he is a humanist unlike leftists who are hypocrites and people of double standards. He used to write in a liberal blog and considered that - with out ever reading - so called 'Islamaphobes' esp. Mr. Robert Spencer and Ms. Pamela Geller are liers,  hate and fear mongers. But after incidents that happened after so called Arab Spring, seen and read by Mr. Bell, he started reading Robert Spencer's acclaimed book 'The Truth about Mohammad'. To quote his words: "When I finally read one of your books for the first time, I kept waiting for the part where you would prove yourself to be a "Loon" so that I could stop reading, but that never happened." Finally, when he wrote against Muslim organizations in US - these present themselves as moderates but underneath they push the well known Islamic agenda - for their not so 'moderate' agenda, he was suspended from writing in that liberal blog.

Here, the debate is between Mr. Bell and Mr. Nadir Ahmad on the topic of 'Is Islam inherently violent?'.

Mr. Bell speaks first. At his first turn to speak, Mr Nadir Ahmad starts lying about Islam and Koran when he states Koran does not condone raping of infidels women.

My question to this Muslim and 'so called' scholar is what are those verses 4:24, 70:29-30 and 23:5-6 along with few more saying? Are they not legalizing that Muslim men have sexual rights over slaves? Is it not a rape esp. when we consider the fact that most of these sex slaves are infidel women taken as prisoners of war? Didn't Prophet Mohammad take a young Jewish girl Ruhaina as sex slave after he beheaded 600 to 900 Jewish men of tribe Banu Qurayza? Didn't Prophet Mohammad have a coptic slave girl by the name Mariya, who even gave birth to his son -child died while still an infant?

Take any Sira written earlier, Sira means biography of Prophet Mohammad, one will find that it is dotted with many incidents of Muslim men taking women as sex slaves. Prophet Mohammad even gifts sex slaves to his father-in-law and son-in-law.

But Eric does very well by constantly stressing upon centrality of role of Prophet Mohammad in Islam.


Eric Allen Bell vs. Nadir Ahmed: "Is Islam Inherently Violent?" from Eric Allen Bell on Vimeo.

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