Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A Hindu man says people like me ( along with VHP) are responsible for Communal violence in Hyderabad

In the wake of recent communal violence in Hyderabad activity to this blog was more than usual. And I got an -e-mail on the very day violence broke out in which, a Hindu, going by the id, literally tells Hindus like 'me' are equally responsible for such disturbances and communal discords.

When I wrote back, for some reason, my reply is bouncing.

This is the problem with people and this is exactly where and how Muslims love Hindus to be i.e. continuing in ignorance of Islam and its teachings, so that they can ultimately realize their goal of universal caliphate without much hindrance, and impose Islamic rule in India under which Hindus in India once again become second class citizens and get enslaved.

My reply to that gentleman is simple, courteous and consisted of some simple questions which I thought I share here:


1. To say that all faiths lead to same god, first, how much you really know about Islam?

2. Only some Muslims are fanatics according to your view? But how do you know it? Even if it is true how do you distinguish an extremist from moderate?

3. Do you know that Islam, that comes from Koran and Prophet Mohammad, exhorts all Muslims to make Islam dominant over every other faith through Jihad - violent or non-violent? This Jihad is legal until Muslims realize their goal.

3. Sir, if people like me are responsible for discords like the one in Hyderabad then, are we also responsible for what happened in the year 1017 AD?

4. Are we also responsible for what happened after 1192 AD?

5. Are we also responsible for killing of 60 (based in some estimates) million Hindus in India by Muslim rulers?

6. Are we also responsible for enslaving of lakhs of Hindu women as sex slaves and making them as prolific  birth machines?

7. And who is responsible for destruction of thousands of Hindu temples and erection of mosques over them?

8. In Pakistan, in 1950s, more than 15% of population is Hindus. In the year 1998, it is 1.6%. In few more years, those Hindus too will disappear. Are we responsible for this too?

9. Similarly in Bangladesh, population of Hindus is more than 25% in the year 1971. At present it is less than 8%. Are we responsible for this too?

10. Take any Islamic country, you will find persecution of Non-Muslims besides legalized discrimination against them. You will also find that population of religious minorities is dropping like a rock. How is this possible if Islam teaches tolerance? Or you hold people like me responsible for that too?

Sir, you try to answer any of this and you will find the truth.

I am not saying some Hindu organizations are blameless but their presence should not stop us from looking at Islam critically and its impact on politics in history and in the present day world. Islam is more than a religion. Muslims themselves say it is an ideology.

If you want know about this, you can click on this  ISLAM IS AN IDEOLOGY


Anonymous said...

it is a very interesting and informative article. I think I will add your site to my favorites.

kid said...

Do I know you?

You could have added your name or blog otherwise it stops no one from thinking I wrote that comment. They are not at fault for that.