Monday, April 23, 2012

Muslim rapists in Britain laugh after being sentenced to imprisonment

Muslims organized themselves as gangs and went about raping and abusing British girls, calling them as white bitches and immoral etc. Here, a Muslim even has no reservations whatsoever to call the victims as 'slags' in front of the judge.

Muslim gang jailed for kidnapping and raping two girls as part of their Eid celebrations

Lets read one more:

Khalile Maqsood, a can driver, shows no remorse after raping a passenger    (It looks like his wife is pregnant with his fourth child.)

When I wrote 'when will UK wake up' in the post 'Rape wave in UK', I was expecting some sane politicians will do. It looks like it is not the case.

Rational people do not need to see this kind of incidents (or blood shed) happening to understand Islam and Muslims can never live in harmony with Non-Muslims. The Islamic history, the way present Islamic world is treating religious minorities in their countries and Islamic theology are sufficient to drive the point of Muslims never wanting to live with Non-Muslims in harmony and on equal terms.


Muslims are brought up in a climate of teaching of hatred towards Non-Muslims, superiority of Muslims via inferiority of Non-Muslims and the requirement of Muslims should dominate the world. For this attitude to shape Muslim psyche, every Muslim need not read Koran because informal chain of communication can equally disseminate what is being in Islam and its tenets.  

But it looks like delusion of existence of moderate Muslims will continue to guide Non-Muslims denying the truth about Islam.

An occasional idiot might question connection between Islamic inherent hatred towards Non-Muslims and Muslim men raping infidel women; when Islam preaches hatred towards infidels, it is for a purpose. Considering that lofty ideal in Islam is about humiliating Non-Muslims, can there be better way than to abuse and rape Non-Muslim women? After all Prophet raped infidel women. Koran explicitly sanctions Muslim men raping infidel women. During many protests by Muslims, they always refer to Muslims eventually taking infidel women as sex slaves.

Coming to Britain, it looks like more the British population is brutalized by Jihadists, more concessions for Muslims. Suggested to read:

Britain: Muslim 'Cultural Sensitivity' Runs Amok

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