Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Muslims in Australia are leaving Islam; any surprises

Muslims always say Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world. But what they do not say is it is because of high fertility rates. What they do not mention is Islam preaches killing any Muslim who discords Islam and enters another faith.

Here one can see the pure hypocrisy of Muslims and Islam. They say that so and so converted to Islam but never about Muslims who suffered because they left Islam.

Look at this video in which a eEx- Muslim family in Britain, which converted to Christianity, is threatened and persecuted:

And then A Muslim girl in India is beaten because she converted to Christianity.

I can keep on adding these. But the point is what kind of psychology drives Muslims to boast like that, and when seen in proper manner it is hypocrisy and practice of double standard.

Islam never has any moral standards and so Muslims.


Any way, what kind of people really stay in Islam when they are told:
1. Prophet married his daughter-in-law
2. Prophet raided caravans and villages for plunder
3. Prophet owned and traded slaves
4. Prophet raped Non-Muslim women
5. Prophet tortured people to death
6. Prophet ordered executions of those who criticized his raiding of caravans

The list can go on. The worst thing in all this is Koran says he is the most perfect man ever created by him, in conduct and morality, and is an example for Muslims.

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