Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Islam teaches tolerance! and Church pastors in Turkey hire security

Yes. But that tolerance comes after Non-Muslims agree to pay Jizya and to accept to live by humiliating conditions of Sharia.

Even after accepting subordination, history tells Non-Muslims were always in a state of insecurity and fear over their lives, property, daughters and children. And this is the practical outcome of Islamic beliefs of Muslims. Though present day politicians are not ready to see it, the present day condition of Non-Muslims in Islamic countries remains same. One only needs to look at Egypt and Pakistan where abduction of infidel women is a routine affair.

Christian clerics alarmed at growing threats, persecution in Turkey

In the wake of an attack against an Istanbul Protestant Pastor, Christian Clerics in Turkey say they feel alarmed at the accelerating number of such incidents and even hesitate to open their doors to people

Christian clerics in Turkey have expressed their anxiety regarding the growing threats they face in wake of an attack against Pastor Semih Serkek of the Protestant “Lütuf” (“Grace”) Church in Istanbul’s Bahçelievler district on April 7.

“Attacks against Christian clerics drop off for a while, then they begin to re-energize. [Such attacks] have begun to accelerate again in recent days. We hesitate when opening our doors and welcoming the faithful inside,” Pastor Krikor Ağabaloğlu of the Gedikpaşa Armenian Protestant Church in Istanbul told the Hürriyet Daily News.

Attack on Easter

Three unidentified individuals attacked and beat Serkek on the night of April 7, immediately after an Easter service. “They were three people around the age of 18. They wore [prayer caps] on their heads. They forced the door open and said they were going to kill me unless I recited the ‘Kelime-i Şahadet’ [Islamic confession of faith]. I received a severe blow to my chest,” Serkek told the Daily News. The attacks were not coincidental, according to Serkek, who had also served as a mentor to the three victims slain in the Malatya Zirve Publishing House incident in eastern Turkey.

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