Sunday, April 8, 2012

Sharia is the best system !

A Taliban Commander says, "There is no more or less in Sharia. If people are not happy with Sharia law, there is no other law for happiness."

What about the discrimination, humiliation and degradation imposed on Non-Muslims? Do Muslims think such kind of treatment is inhuman? No. Because, Muslims expect Non-Muslims to show gratitude to them that they did not kill them and this is proof of  'ISLAMIC TOLERANCE AND ISLAMIC JUSTICE'. Those, Non-Muslims, who can not see this are portrayed as pervert, deaf , dumb and blind in Koran.

One can read the transcript of that interview with Al-Jazeera from here or below:

Question: How about women? In your area, what is implemented regarding restrictions on women?

Response: This is one thing we can say we have been lucky with from the past. I say luck because god will have mercy on those who spend their lives in the shadow of the Sharia. Allah ordered veiling and all our women oblige by it. If people don't oblige - no one does not oblige. This is a rarity. Those who cry of human rights or call themselves democrats say they give rights. The rights that Islam has given to a woman, no other religion has - that she sit quietly in her home, veiled......

Question: What about female education? Do you allow that?

Response: You saw that our schools are active and open in the area. Until a female reaches blogh [puberty], she should learn.

Here in the area, we have ulema in every school. I have to say one thing clearly:  there is a hadith [prophet's saying] that everyone has heard that education is an obligation of every man and woman. But that hadith has not said the infidel way of education, or western way of education.  That hadith means Quranic education. Education does not mean that a woman should lose her honour and dignity. If the leaders of the Emirate see education beyond this [puberty age] necessary - under circumstances that covering up of the women is obeyed - we will see then. Now, we only talk of education until puberty because here the system is weaker.

Question: And would you allow women to work in offices?

Response: Sharia does not allow that. We should leave this until we conquer some offices, and if there is need for work, we will gather the ulema to decide based on Sharia. That if a woman works, under what conditions should she work? Only if it is permitted under Sharia orders. If not, then working with a stranger, with a foreigner - even the voice of a woman is banned on a strange man. Allah says in his book that the man should lower his gaze and so should the woman - if looking is not permitted, talking is not permitted, then how can they work? Here, we want a Sharia system. Whatever is allowed in Sharia, we will not disobey. We do not want a western or democracy system.

Question: What about the parliament? Would you permit them to be MPs?

Response: The way it is now, this parliament - we reject this entirely. This does not exist in the Sharia, this is a western system, a democracy system. Their going to this parliament and joining this kind of a parliament in itself could be a reason for jihad - that our women are this free now. Listen to BBC, how they speak. Hearing a woman's voice is banned on others. They speak on the radio, in the parliament, on TV - while not being covered - and the whole world hears their voice. I want to say this briefly: if Sharia does not allow it, we will not accept it

Question: If the Taliban come back to power, will there be a difference in how they treated people?

Response: There is no more or less in Sharia. If people are not happy with Sharia law, there is no other law for happiness........  (THE END)

Scary? Hilarious?  OR Ravings of a zealot?

Last time Taliban came to power in Afghanistan, they did enforce all these. When Muslims follow Islam in Afghanistan, we call it not Islam but Talibanization.

When Saudi Arabia practices Islamic law, we call it not Islam but wahabbism.

When Muslim terrorists kill with impunity citing verses from Koran, we label them militant Muslims, implying that their actions are in subversion of true Islam.

When Islamic organizations declare their goal of converting India to an Islamic state, we dismiss them as fundamentalists and misunderstanders of Islam.

The only thing Hindus want to believe and accept is Muslims are innocent and are victims and their religion - Islam - is like any other religion.

Any way, from where did that Taliban came from?

How many Hindus know that Indian is the source of Taliban's philosophy? is from India. It's philosophy is nothing but theological position of infamous Indian Muslim Seminary: Deobandi.

It is just that Taliban implemented it and Deobandi is working to create conditions for its imposition.

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