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What and why Hindus need to know about Islam? Because Islam is not tolerant

The maxim of ‘all religions are same’ has become bane and curse of Hindu society in India like the the concept of ‘multiculturalism’ in Europe. It has destroyed their senses of perception and has made them closed to any rational analysis. As a diect consequence, it made Hindu society in India, once gain, vulnerable to assaults from followers of Islam (an imperial system and which is political ideology at its core) – like it happened in medieval period. The only difference is , this time oppressors are not outsiders but those who are born and raised in India itself.

The line of ‘all religions are same’ is logical fallacy at the very out set because it negates necessity of religion itself.

This fanciful sentence ‘all religions are same’ is made and popularized by very few people for their gains, whether they be political or personal etc.. This concept, devoid of any rational reason for its existence, should not stop Hindus from objective inquiry in to teachings of Islam, and when preservation of democracy and pluralism are taken in to consideration, this objective inquiry even becomes a necessity.

The reason why Hindus should make an inquiry is, not that it is a solution to stopping march of Islamic imperialism, because it makes them come out of that box of ‘all religions are same’ and it enables them to see and understand certain everyday phenomenon in true manner. As every time some terrorist act takes place, Hindus beileve that such kind of acts are in subversion of teachings of Koran –when actually those terrorists or extremists are acting in accordance with tecahings of Koran.

From my experience, I felt that Hindus enclosing themselves in the box ‘all religions are same’ are like A FROG IN A WELL, a proverbial sentence many Hindus have heard about.

With this purpose in mind, I felt like posting 3 part-series which explain what Islam really is. Every thing in this post is constructed from what is in Koran, verses along with numbers and references are also given, and thus are part of beliefs of Muslims. Readers themsleves can judge whether those beliefs –held by Muslims, in any manner, amount to tolerance or validates claims of Muslims that Islam teaches Muslims to respect other faiths and to live in harmony with Non-Muslims.

Koran is the foundational text of Islam i.e. Islam’s holy book. About 1.5 Billion Muslims in the world believe Koran to be the exact word of Allah delivered through Angel Gabriel to Prophet Mohammad.  Muslims revere Koran so much that many touch Koran only after some ritual purification; and Non-Muslims are not even allowed to touch Koran, except under special circumstances. Even a rumor of disrespect of Koran by Non-Muslims can turn out to be fatal.

Koran is also a guidance (verse 16.89) for Muslims. This guidance contains instructions to Muslims on what to do and what not to do. It also tells that Muslims go to paradise and non-Muslims will only go to hell to burn there for eternity (verse 16.89). And it also tells Muslims how to deal with Non-Muslims. (Letters in red and italics are my comments)
(16.89)YUSUFALI: ......... and We have sent down to thee (you) the Book (Koran) explaining all things, a Guidance, a Mercy, and Glad Tidings to Muslims. (Glad tidings mean Muslim men go to paradise to stay with houris).
In Koran, Allah tells he created man kind with the only purpose that they worship him alone, as in thefollwoing verse:
(51.56) PICKTHAL:  I created the jinn and humankind only that they might worship Me. (Wosrship means glorifying or honoring, meaning the sole existence of mankind is for glorifying Allah.)
Since there are other faiths of monothiesm, Koran tells Islam is the universal religion by telling Mohammad is a messenger to entire man kind (verses 7.158, 34.28 and 68.28).
(007.158) PICKTHAL:  Say (O Muhammad): O mankind! Lo! I am the messenger of Allah to you all - (the messenger of) Him unto Whom belongeth the Sovereignty of the heavens and the earth.......
It is this religion through Mohammad i.e. Islam, that is accepted by Allah and all others are false, as it can be seen in the below verse:
(003.085)YUSUFALI: If anyone desires a religion other than Islam (submission to Allah), never will it be accepted of him; and in the Hereafter He will be in the ranks of those who have lost (All spiritual good). 
This verse along with 3.19 establishes the meaning of Islam i.e. submissiom contrary to lies of Muslim propagandists that Islam means peace.

The claim of Muslims that Islam teaches Muslims to respect and tolerate other religions evaparates right here with this verse which tells all other faiths are false.

When Jakir Naik of Peace TV was asked why Saudi Arabia does not allow Churches and Temples, his answer was that Muslims are certain that Islam is the only true faith, like 2+2= 4, and all other religions are false like 2+2= 5. (One can watch first video on my video page)

What astonishes any one is not just the double standard being practiced by Muslims and ‘Joker’ Jakir Naik but the inability of Muslims to realize it is a double standard. How will Muslims feel if all other religions think along this logic and stop Muslims from constructing Mosques in their countries? Is there any thing so superior in Koran which is a proof for its claim and that other religions can not produce such proofs?

For Muslims there is nothing wrong with this practice of double standard. They are perfectly comfortable with it. Because Islam kills conscience of Muslims and webs its own set of morals and ethics, and when seen in our (or neutral) frame of reference they are nothing but double standards and discrimination amounting to dogmatic aparthied, and which can be seen from how Sharia treats Non-Muslims.

This blatant double standard can also be seen in other Islamic practices and Muslim beliefs e.g. law regarding apostasy (Islam requires Muslims killing any Muslim who leaves Islam.) and marriages. When confronted with Islamic law, regarding marriage, practicing double standard, so called reformers lie outrightly and so called Islamic scholars justify in the following words: In any family male is the dominant; so if a Muslim woman marries a Non-Muslim man, she will be ‘influenced’ by her husband and this might lead her to leave Islam!

Influence? A common practice in society is advising people to stay away from bad people as they might be influenced by bad people. With this, one can easily see what Islam’s obsession with ‘influence’ really means. Non-Muslims are bad, perverts ,worst of creatures and vile creatures because they could not see the beauty and truthfulness of Islam as numerous verses in Koran say. All this because Non-Muslims did not convert to Islam. (Those interested in further study can read from here on how Koran dehumanizes Non-Muslims)

There would be no real problem, Muslims are with in their rights to believe Islam is the only true and others are false, if this is the end. Unfortunately, it is not.

Next post is on Koran telling Muslims that Allah made them the best with a purpose.

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