Monday, April 9, 2012

Muslims are reading bigotry, but where does it come from?

Religions other than Islam are viewed "with contempt and prejudice" in Pakistan text books.

Wait a minute! Is this not what Koran contains? Idolaters are unclean; disbelievers are the vilest of creatures; disbelievers are dumb and blind and disbelievers are like cattle and dogs.

Doesn't Koran say Muslims are superior and the best? Does it not say disbelievers are enemies of Allah and Muslims? (one can also read similar report   HERE, good one )

Now where are all those Muslim apologists who say that verses in Koran do not really mean what they appear to. Or is it that there are no Muslims in Pakistan that understand Koran? So how come Muslims are reading things directly derived from Koranic verses?

Pakistani schoolbooks full of contempt and bigotry against Christians, Hindus and Sikhs

School textbooks that promote religious fanaticism, discriminate against minorities and trigger religious conflicts: Pakistani schools are - once again - the object of attention and study of Catholic NCJP activists who, in a detailed report, have examined the basic elements of discrimination of sectarian origins. In the report titled " Fanatic Literacy or Education," the National Commission for Justice and Peace Commission of the Catholic Church invites a rethink of school curricula, so that even Christians, Hindus, Sikhs and those belonging to minorities in Pakistan can deepen the study of their religion.  Currently they are obliged to learn the basics of Islam, as practiced in some areas of the country, including Punjab.

The report shows that thousands of non-Muslim students are "forced" to study Islam and elements of the Muslim religion, for fear of discrimination. Among these, the decision taken by the Parliament of Punjab - one of the provinces of Pakistan - and approved "unanimously" that makes the study of the Koran mandatory. And non-Muslims "are not offered a viable alternative." At the same time, even in subjects like social sciences and linguistics about 20% of the content is linked to Islam. Again: the non-Muslim students are given the extra bonus of 20 points, reserved to those who deepen Islamic studies.

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