Monday, April 9, 2012

No compulsion in Islam!!! Pastor in Turkey forcefully converted to Islam

Islamic law definitely is against this kind of conversion esp. in its dealings with Christians as it considers them as people of book.

But with Prophet Mohammad himself involved in such conversions, the law becomes unimportant as Muslims are urged to follow the example of Prophet Mohammad in conduct and morality.

While Sharia law says it gives security to Non-Muslims after they have to agreed to pay Jizya and  live as fourth class citizens, but in reality - as history tells - the threat to their lives, property and their daughters and children always remain which is primarily due to the what Muslims believe about Non-Muslims.

BatYe'or tells Non-Muslims living under Islamic law always think about how not to disappoint their 'superior' Muslims with their behavior and conduct, and in turn it has deeply affected their psyche.

Church Pastor Attacked in Istanbu

Four people rushed to the Protestant Grace Church in Bahçelievler, Istanbul and physically abused pastor Semir Sertek (58), after forcing him to cite the Islamic testimony of faith.

Sertek had depicted the attack which took place on the night of the Orthodox Easter, April 7th, to Radikal daily as follows:

"Someone knocked forcefully on the door of the church. They were aggravated. When we opened the door, they forced their way in, mocking us. I was troubled. I asked them to come back at the next day but they kept insulting. 'This is a Muslim neighborhood,  there's no place for a church' they said. They threatened to kill me if I refuse to accept Islam.  One of them cited the Islamic testimony of faith and asked me to recite it. He kicked me on my chest and then they ran. I fell of the stairs." (EKN/EÜ)

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