Monday, April 9, 2012

RAW and CIA kidnap a Hindu from Pakistan !!

That is what Pakistan's media says with regard to kidnapping of a Hindu leader from Balochistan.

It is also India which is behind the incidents listed below:

Pakistan's minister says 100 Hindu girls have been kidnapped recently ( here )

Human rights commission of Pakistan says 20 to 25 Hindu girls are kidnapped every month ( here )

Hindus are fleeing Balochistan and want to apply for asylum in India ( here  and here)

Probably it is also India behind Osama Bin Laden hiding in Pakistan's military compound.

Conspiracy theory: Maharaj kidnapped two days before Hinglaj pilgrimage  

Sindh and Balochistan’s Hindus were already in the thick of the controversy of forced conversions. The kidnappings add to their insecurity. Hindus are largely seen as wealthy merchants in Sindh and as they don’t have traditional tribal backing, they are considered fair game. The kidnappings have been protested before, but Maharaj Motiyani’s case has hit a nerve.

The council organised the protest and its speakers stressed that even though the constitution provides rights to all citizens without discrimination, Hindus in Pakistan are still seeking equality.

“Our problems are getting worse by the day,” said Vankwani. “[Another Hindu] Asha Kumari has been missing for 41 days from Jacobabad.”

Vankwani told The Express Tribune that despite orders from the Supreme Court, nothing had been done to rescue her. “We are continuously in touch with the Sindh government and police as the court has asked them to find Asha by April 18.”

“One should question whether Hindus are free citizens of Pakistan? Are we given free religious rights?” asked the Pakistan Hindu Welfare Association’s chairperson, Mangla Sharma. “We strongly condemn forced conversions.”


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These people are fuking liers..they wont except the truth...Mohammad followers

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