Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Rinkel Kumari: Pakistan's supreme court says no to her parents meeting her

In my last post related to Rinkel Kumari (Fayal Shah), I showed how this case was decided already and what Rinkle's future will be citing observations of Supreme Court Judge, which are in complete accord with Islamic laws ( THE GREAT ISLAMIC JUSTICE ). One should not forget that this case went to Supreme court because a Senator in USA raised this issue.

So, this hulla-bulla is nothing but publicity stunt by Pakistan to show to the world that lives and properties of religious minorities in its land are safe and secure despite the fact 20 to 25 Hindu girls and about 70 Christian girls are kidnapped per month.

One can feel the heart wrenching pain parents of Rinkle feel. In fact any human being with a heart can feel the torture she is going through.

But Pakistan is an Islamic country. And Islam is built upon utilitarian ethics and moral hollowness. Double standards and non-reciprocity are hallmarks of beliefs of Muslims. In addition, a Kafir can never be considered as an equal because all Non-Muslims are by-default the enemies of Islam and Muslims, because Allah has only decided to humiliate them at the hands of Muslims, because hearts of Muslims are filled with hatred towards disbelief by none other than Allah. All Non-Muslims are the vilest and worst of creatures.

And to expect understanding and justice in such system for any Non-Muslim can only be attributed to ignorance.

Hindu girls' case: Supreme Court rejects pleas of father, husband

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