Friday, April 6, 2012

Indian Muslims misunderstand Islam's peaceful message and want to make India an Islamic state

Below picture, which I downloaded from the facebook page of SIO k (Students Islamic Organization, Kerala), clearly points to goal of Muslims in India: To make India an Islamic state and impose Sharia where in all Non-Muslims are treated as 4th class people.

This is what 'FUTURE IS OURS' means.

Dates on this picture suggest it must be a recent page.

May be some one can decipher all that is in Malayali in comments, hopefully.

When I kept this picture on my facebook page and asked for opinion, in an hour, the responses are zero.

It means Hindus can no longer differentiate between what is right and what is wrong. Or they are scared of giving their opinion, lest they be portrayed as communal. Or Their perceptions are so completely destroyed that it may not even matter to them that they become slaves.

There is no point really in writing more on this.

And this kind of response is completely similar to what happened few days ago in UK: when the speaker asked the audience if they are morally superior to Taliban, the response from audience is near zero (here).

And the ground truth is this kind of attitude of all Non-Muslims further emboldens Islamists.

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