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Desecration of 7 temples in India and SECULAR MEDIA'S treason by concealing acts of Jihadists

Below are the list of temples that have been desecrated in 'SECULAR' India by Indian Muslims since January. Yet, we do not see any of this reported in Main stream media esp. English. Yet, we do not see any of 'SECULAR' politicians condemning such things.

There are two aspects to this serial  desecration s, the first being role of media and other is Islamic jihad in India (I will discuss this later).

In mentioning the incidents, of course, I have to use the sources from Hindu websites and one will understand why esp. when we consider the recent i.e. desecration of Hanuman temple in Hyderabad.

Case 1: Slaughter of Pregnant cow near famous Sabaramali Temple  (16/01/2012)   (STATE OF KERALA)

Here, some one might argue that Muslims slaughtered the pregnant cow outside the temple perimeters, but the fact that they did it on the festival day of Sankranti when thousands of devotees from all over the country assemble there can not be taken lightly. More over, does any citizen has any right to slaughter any animal where ever he wants to? Or is it because of scarcity of place for such slaughters? There is never any mention of this in recent times. The truth is the place close to the temple is chosen deliberately to humiliate Hindus by hurting their feelings and to show them 'FUTURE IS THEIRS'. Hindu organizations probably thinking about legal dimensions as this incident occurred outside the perimeters did not do any thing.

Case 2: Cow slaughtered inside Kerala temple compound (18/01/2012)  (STATE OF KERALA)

This incident was reported in Pioneer but not in any other media. Inaction of Hindus in the previous incident has literally emboldened Muslim fanatics to do this heinous act. The gap between both the incidents is not more than 2 days. For those who might still see nothing wrong in the first incident, this should remove any of doubts about intentions of those fanatics.

Case 3: Islamists stop Krishna arati in Deganga  (20/03/2012)   (WEST BENGAL)

Case 4: Hindus in Ghutiari Sharif are at a loss   (17/03/2012)   (WEST BENGAL)

Case 5: Desecration of a Hindu temple complex in Kashmir  (07/04/2012)  (KASHMIR)

Case 6: Kasargode: Mallikarjuna Temple Desecrated with Buffalo Carcass Head (03/04/2012) (STATE OF KERALA)

Case 7: Hindu Temple Desecrated, Curfew in Bhagyanagar   ( 08 - 04 - 2012, Hyderabad)

How media reported with respect to recent communal violence in Hyderabad:

Coming to Hyderabad, - this is where role of media appears undisputedly biased and ideologically driven - I first reported on this HERE. That time I used a Urdu portal (Siasat) as source (complete url address is given) and I equally showed how The Hindu reported. Now it appears that one can not reach the webpage of report put up by of Siasat which clearly mentions temple being desecrated by throwing legs of a cow (Do not worry, with my experience of how media works, I stored a copy of it).

Now lets see how 'porn paper' Times of India - actually it is its associate Economic times - reported ( HERE ):
".....The trouble began in the morning when two groups belonging to different communities clashed at Kurmaguda, after some pieces of an animal were found near a place of worship...."
It could equally be read or considered as Hindus throwing legs of pigs near a mosque by people who have not read actual report. Next day, Times of India writes this (HERE):
"Only locals, who know the area well, can gather courage to quickly desecrate the place of worship aimed at creating tension. Outsiders cannot plan it with such precision. Police should have continued with the police picket for some more days to prevent such a situation," he added.
'Place of worship' replaces temple and  'miscreants' replaces 'some Muslims' in both the reports. In fact, across the spectrum of Indian news papers, not one entity has mentioned what really happened. If one wants to check the consequences of such reporting, they only need to read the comments at the end. Even here, media reported this because it has escalated in to communal clashes. Otherwise, they are pretty happy to sit by and watch when Muslims are committed to Jihad.

Now, one can completely understand why I had to use Hindu websites for reference to violence perpetuated by Muslims. This practice is not new. It is very old probably started by The Hindu, the great secular. When Muslims resort to violence, it never mentions the identity of culprits, i.e. Muslim community, instead it refers to culprits as members of one community as if they are from Mars. But in recent years, all news papers have adopted this approach in their reporting.

But what if Hindus are believed to be culprits? Then blow it out of proportion and refer to culprits as 'members of Hindu right wing'. Ultimately, as a result, every violent incident is identified with Hindus being responsible in people minds.

This kind of censoring news and selective reporting is part of leftist ideology, completely hypocritical, inhuman and full of double standards. This kind of journalism is aimed at denigrating every thing that is Hindu and at the same time to create a guilt complex in present day generation so that they move away from values of Hindu civilization to some thing like atheism or agnosticism. Not enough with this, this ideology is completely in support of appeasement of Muslims and politics of identity. In the end, in their view, it is criminal for a Hindu to be a Hindu and it is perfectly alright if Muslims behave like Muslims. This is left's perverted version of secularism. And this is nothing less than treason towards very idea of India.

This already has a massive effect on Hindus in India to such an extent that most Hindus are even terrified of quoting their religion on facebook or on other social web sites. Present day generation of Hindus are miserably confused and they are unable to come out of it. They feel some thing wrong but can not express it. Ultimately, with corrupt media being the medium they see through, they literally develop a kind of aversion to discuss politics or religion, lose curiosity to learn new things and settle for the corrupt maxim ' all religions are same ' and become atheists.

This in turn is leaving entire Hindu civilization vulnerable to Jihad and future of India will not be one stable society but doted with conflict zones.

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