Thursday, April 19, 2012

To dumb Times of India: Rinkel Kumari is kidnapped

Dumb is a lesser word to describe Times of India and its ethics of Journalism. Of course, this post well could be addressed to most of the news papers.

I predicted this kind of outcome when I first mentioned Rinkel Kumari in this blog.

The Supreme court of Pakistan first heard this case on March 26th, 2012.

So, lets go back to the report published by THE NATION (A Pakistan's news paper) on 27nth, March, 2012.

At that time, much of the media reported about what the Judge observed at the end when he announced in the court that Rinkel will be confined to some Islamic house so that she can think and take her decision freely, which is only a part of his observation. This is what the most of media reported. But why didn't they report the full observations made by the Judge? Can they ignore like that? Any way, lets read from THE NATION (HERE , go to the 7nth paragraph ) which gives more details on what the Judge said:
"After recording the statements of the girls, the chief justice first called Dr Lata’s parents inside the courtroom and later to Rinkle Kumari’s. A few minutes later everyone was allowed to enter the courtroom. Hearing the case in the open court, the chief justice said, “Such marriages are not taken in normal situation,” adding; “the criminal element could not be overruled in these cases.” He, however, cautioned that both the girls have embraced Islam and solemnized marriages and have been living with their husbands as wives."
Read the sentence in red color.

One other observation that can be made from this paragraph is that Judge read about this after speaking to the girls when no one was present in the court.

Even my first grade school going son will immediately understand what sentence in red color implies. But not the media. Joke on mental capability of their thinking. Look at the statement again:

"Such marriages are not taken in normal situation,” adding; “the criminal element could not be overruled in these cases.”"

What is this criminal element here?

Is Rinkel converting to Islam on her own? Is Rinkel marrying that guy? Obviously no. The only criminal element here is they were abducted or kidnapped. That is what he meant. That is what it means.

One does not have to be Einstien to see this basic reason.

And of course, the Judge proceeded to, at the end, force the girls to do hang themselves rather than he by simply confining them to an asylum, so that his hands are blemished from the blame or is it because his life will be under no threat.

In my previous post itself ( HERE ) , I wrote all these - how the girls have no choice - and also called it 'Islamic Justice'.

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TM said...

that dumb times of india should learn from my blog where i shared deep facts about this case....But u cant except anything from these sickuler aman ki asha waleh !