Monday, April 2, 2012

Sri Ramnavami celebrations and successful resistance to Islamic imperialism in Hyderabad

Canonical law of Islam - Sharia law - and also part of beliefs of Muslims - prohibits Non-Muslims ( here Hindus) from displaying their symbols publicly and celebrating their festivals in public.

On the whole, keeping above stated Islamic imperialist belief in mind,  successful celebration (pictures here) is a positive development. Hindus deserve congratulations for such success with out any incidents of violence, which itself tells peaceful and just nature of their civilization.

Sure, there is certain amount of uneasiness over this and there are some dark spots. But free minded people should let it not cloud their reasoning because from the beginning it is clear that MIM, a political party in Hyderabad, wanted to stop Hindus celebrating their festival and taking out a procession thus, indirectly enforcing their cherished fascist Sharia over Hindus and others.

Like in most cases, here too, Hindu groups are up against alliance of Islamists, pseudo secular media and leftists - whose affinity for Islamic imperialism (or totalitarianism) and hatred for every thing that is Hindu is well known - and opportunist politicians.

Some days before, Times of India reported (here) that city is filled with fear because of coming Sri Ramnavami celebrations and Muslims are moving to protect their places of worship. It is completely dishonest reporting in the subversion of true spirit of journalism. Three years back, it was Muslims who vandalized places of Hindu worship; (you want a proof for this: you can google about NCM report on reported communal clashes in the year 2009. National Commission for Minorities never released their findings because it is obvious that Muslim behavior is in perfect accordance with Islamic supremacist beliefs and it brings bad publicity to their claim of Hindus are always the aggressors and Muslims are the victims.)

Coming to TOI report, it neither mentioned the fact that MIM leaders gave inflammatory speeches on Ram nor city police requesting Hindu leaders not to go with procession because of security fears. When Hindu leaders refused  police arrested one Hindu leader on baseless charges. One will not find any thing about this in the report of TOI.

Here, it is not difficult to see the gross double standard being observed. Days before Sri Ramnavami, Muslims celebrated their festival of Prophet's birthday in huge manner and with out any incidents. And when it comes to celebrating Sri Ramnavami, why this sudden concern for security?

I mean it is completely normal for MIM to make inflammatory speeches and then ask for banning celebration of Sri Ramnavami citing security concerns. Muslims create the trouble and demand that some one else be penalized for that? Is this not gross injustice?

At the root, MIM wants to implement Sharia and thus humiliating Hindus by banning Hindus celebrating their festival publicly. Since it can not implement Sharia directly, it took to this recourse i.e make an inflammatory speech and cite security concerns and use political influence to get the police stop Hindus celebrating.

Now the fact that Hindus celebrated with out any incident, TOI, yet again, - probably in disappointment -reports (here) about some inflammatory speeches (in the beginning itself) made on this occasion. Remember, the same TOI never reported about MIM leaders making hate speeches, even when videos of these speeches are being circulated on youtube. Such is the duplicity of Indian English media.

Yes, unfortunately, Hindu leaders might have made these speeches. But, what else one can expect from them? Submit to Islamic imperialism? Expect them to accept enslavement? It looks like Hindus resisting their enslavement by Muslims or Islamic fascism is a crime for these shameless media houses.

But why report so brazenly? Times of India is not alone here and it is done with a purpose. The purpose is to portray Hindus as threat for communal harmony in this country; the purpose is to make its Hindu English readers to feel guilt for being a Hindu, so that they gradually dissociate from Hinduism. They report like that because they want to make a direct assault on Hindu conscience. Unfortunately, there are some Hindus who buy in to this line.

Now look at the picture put up by Hindu (here):

The purpose is again to portray Hindus as violent. Did Hindu ever keep the pictures about how Muslims celebrated Prophet Mohammad's birthday? No. But I will tell my experience. I live in Vijayawada and here Muslims keep banners and green flags in areas where there are no Muslims at all. This year, on the day of that festival, I went to a coastal town Masula and was astonished to find Muslims displaying their green flags and banners even on main roads, where Muslim presence is very insignificant. And true to their inhuman and supremacist feelings, they even erected flags and huge banners right in front of a temple. All this despite Muslims account for only 10 to 12% of population. Even then there is not a single violent  incident reported. Compare this with Christians celebrating Christmas in parks in Indonesia.

Islam can never co-exist with others on equal terms. This can be seen from incidents happening every day allover the world. This can be seen from their holy book, Koran. This can be seen from their history. This can be seen from numerous works of Muslim scholars.

It is high time Hindus leave that ugly belief of  'All religions are same' and learn the truth about how Islam is imperialist through their own eyes before it is too late.


sai said...

'The purpose is to portray Hindus as threat for communal harmony in this country; the purpose is to make its Hindu English readers to feel guilt for being a Hindu, so that they gradually dissociate from Hinduism. They report like that because they want to make a direct assault on Hindu conscience. Unfortunately, there are some Hindus who buy in to this line.'

this is awful and has terrifying consequences on people's psychology and hindus no longer see any reason to defend Hindus.

kid said...

Yep, they see no viable reason to defend it when under assault from others. But here in this case it is equally about safeguarding freedom and democracy. And we are cutting off our own feet.

Anonymous said...

Well I am a Hindu from Hyderabad and I know for a fact that there was no ban on Ram Navamai.

All you anti-national Gandhi murdered idiots and supporters of Ram Sene type thug organizations come to our city and make a mess and try to create trouble when we are living peacefully.

Let us celebrate Ram Navami the way we want and we don't want VHP and idiots like Praveen Tagodia here

kid said...

First, you have not read the post completely and clearly.

Second, you use horrible words.

Now tell me, where in the post I said there was a ban?

I suggest that you better read from 6th paragraph again.

I already mentioned that this whole affair became uneasy.

I am neither a fan of Ram Sena nor VHP myself. I am not even a fan of Gandhi.

But tell me who are responsible for making of Ram Sena and VHP!

Is it not Islam? Is it not Indian secularism?

If you are really a Hindu and from Hyderabad - like you claim - you better read about Islam; If all Hindus read Koran and come to know the truth about Islam themselves, trust me, there is no need of parties like BJP or VHP.

But please do not lie.